How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App In Peru?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App In Peru?

When a company decides to start its Digital Transformation process, one of the most common questions is how much it costs to develop a mobile application. Although the investment is variable depending on the type of project and the agency you work with, you must know the minimum of what an application could cost you to estimate your investment correctly.

In the following article, we will try to approximate how much a mobile application should cost, at least, and what we must take into account to complete this approximation.

Pricing an app

As a first requirement, it is necessary to know the project’s scope. What will be the functionalities that the mobile application will have? It is important to specify them since it will be the basis for estimating how much time the development will involve and, therefore, what the cost will be. The scope specification should be as detailed as possible so that the estimate is as close to reality and we do not find ourselves with surprises later on.

In some cases, using a reference will be important to better scope what is required. But, be very careful. This is because the more specific you are, the better approximation of time and investment you will have.

With the scope defined, we can estimate the investment. The investment is directly associated with the functionalities by quantity or complexity. It is important to highlight that each mobile application development or software development generally involves the participation of various professional profiles. 

Thus, for example, a team will have at least the following profiles:

  • product manager
  • Interface Designer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Backend Developer


Therefore, estimating time and cost will be calculated how much time each profile is involved in software development. That is why the larger the project’s scope, the higher the cost since more professional profiles participate in its development. In some projects of high technical complexity, the investment will be higher because the professional profile must also have a higher specialization.

Minimum amount

This will vary greatly depending on the experience of the company or the experience of the professional team that makes it up. But already, with the description of profiles that software development involves, we can estimate how much the minimum cost would be for developing a mobile application.

Let’s do some exercise. We assumed that the average salary of a development team in general, with middle experience, is S/. 3,000.00 soles. We have at least to invest in our team and should have a capital of S /. 15,000.00 soles per month. Based on that, we need to estimate how long development will take. In software, the average development of an application is at least 3 months. 

Therefore, we will need to invest in S/. 45,000.00 soles or at the current exchange rate: approximately $11,000 only in resources. Not to mention that agencies usually add a margin representing the work’s profit.

The previous exercise is referential. You will be able to find agencies that offer you much lower costs, as well as others that offer you higher costs. Everything will depend on the experience of each one in the sector. To determine a time frame closer to reality, we always specify the details of the functional scope in as much detail as possible.

A freelancer?

Unlike an agency, a freelancer will charge you much cheaper since they are usually the ones who assume various roles in the development of the product. 

Thus, for example, a freelancer assumes the role of Product Manager, Developer, and Tester simultaneously. On the other hand, the freelancer usually has a fixed salary in some company, or if he is dedicated only to being a freelancer, he will have several projects in execution; therefore, he will charge you the estimate of the additional hours of the day that he will invest in you.

Our recommendations

Software development is complex and teamwork, which is why it involves the relationship of various professional profiles. As we mentioned, there are various agencies as an alternative so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget or the stage your project is at. 

Our main recommendation, so that you can always obtain a better estimate of how much you should invest in your project, is to determine which functionalities you want to implement. Also, try to quote different agencies to have a clearer picture of the investment you will make.

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