How To Do An SEO Competition Analysis?

How To Do An SEO Competition Analysis?

If you are starting a new project, you should know that competitors are a great source of information that will help us define our SEO strategy and surpass them in the search results.

Why is it required to carry out an SEO analysis of the competition?

The competition analysis is one of the first points to pay attention to when starting a new project.

You will find out the news related to your sector that you probably did not take into account, see what is working best, detect weaknesses and strengths, have an overall view of progress and how difficulties can appear, and see what specific SEO actions they are dedicating time to.

Competitors are a strange inflexion point in creating a strategy because a strategy stems from what is out there and who is serving those exact needs. Knowing what they do and where they fail will give you the opportunity you need.

How do you identify your competition?

Determining our competitors is necessary for the SEO analysis of the competition to be really useful.

The first thing we want to learn is what web pages are competing for; at this stage, we need to know the target keywords that we found in organic search because business-level competition might be different from organic search competition. This can only be done by Googling the keyword and seeing who you compete with within the first few results.

You can also achieve this by using tools such as Ahrefs, which can assist you in selecting the appropriate target keywords or even display your overall competitors in the competition domains section, which is not keyword-based.

Key points to take into account for the SEO analysis of the competition

Once we have recognized who our main competitors are, these are the main aspects that we must take into account about each of them:

Domain and traffic analysis

The first step is to analyze the general domain. Tools like Semrush or Ahrefs allow us to explore the domains of each competitor to see general and vital data, such as how many keywords they have in common with you, the authority of the website, the keywords that work best, and their positions. We can also study their traffic and the pages that work best for them.

Backlink Audit

Last but not least, to complete a proper SEO analysis of the competition, we must do a backlink study, which is the central aspect of off-page SEO. Backlinks or inbound links are links from other websites to our website. The quantity and quality of these links are critical factors in authority and positioning, so knowing those of your competitors will help you define your strategy and which links you should target. You can use different tools to learn the links of your competitors. Your competitors.

Keyword analysis

As you are aware, keywords are one of the mainstays of any SEO strategy, and finding out which keywords your competitors are ranking for will help you identify new keywords and let you know which ones to put more effort into in order to improve rankings as compared with your competitor’s competitors. Such tools like those we have mentioned above make it possible to analyze competitors’ websites and see all the keywords they are currently ranking for, as well as their positions.

These are the main points that you need to explore about your rivals. Depending on what you require, different tools can give you much more useful information for your strategy.

For instance, it is possible to examine data like country-by-country traffic or find broken pages.


Understanding competitors’ weaknesses and strengths allows competitors to identify opportunities to enhance a website’s visibility and performance. To remain ahead in the ever-changing digital space, ensure these analyses are done periodically. Employing the correct tools and approaches can turn insights into actionable strategies that enhance organic growth and boost online presence.

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