Twitter Write: Return To The Past Or Narrative 3.0?

Twitter Write: Return To The Past Or Narrative 3.0?

Twitter Write: Most users who connect to Twitter or any other social network do so for entertainment and fun. Laugh or cry. Let off steam and read opinions. We seek disconnection from the physical world surrounding us to introduce ourselves to a virtual one. 

For this reason, companies seek new formulas to gain users’ trust, as Twitter has done by introducing the new Twitter Write format.

Gamification, for example, has been one of the most used trends in recent years. Does this term ring a bell? We are talking about gamification, applied to social networks, to the content strategy that uses game dynamics to generate greater interest. 

With this content, the brand can create entertainment and generate greater engagement with the audience. If you are interested in this content, look at this article on gamification in social networks.

Another formula proclaimed as one of the great undisputed champions on Twitter has been its threads or chained tweets. Even though this modality was born in 2017, it has only been a while since the user could adapt to this way of narrating.

Why did the threads inaugurate a new narrative form?

Very easy. They are easy to consume, and in this era, where the information that is generated and consumed grows exponentially, it is essential to tell stories that attract the reader’s attention from minute 1, hence the success of some threads that have gone viral. Thanks to the genius of its authors.

These threads recovered part of the essence of Twitter and social networks, telling stories taking into account the feedback from the public that reads and comments.

And now, what does Twitter Write consist of?

It can be quite familiar to millennials or older generations since it resembles a blog. Twitter Write is how this social network has baptized it, and it has just been officially presented as a new function to publish long texts. With a title of 100 characters, they will be long notes of up to 2,500 and allow images and tweets to be inserted into them. 

In addition, once the note is created, it can be shared later in a tweet or generate a link to share it outside the social network. So far, so good, but what differentiates it from a blog? The facility to insert tweets and return the article to microblogging encourages this new feature to feed back some common habits on Twitter.

In a certain way, Twitter Write is similar to what the Facebook board would be, and that is that, in recent years, many users of this platform have been migrating to the social network of the little blue bird.

In the Twitter Write FAQs, we can read the purpose of this new function since it does not seek the sole inclusion of longer texts but offers a new tool to provide a different experience to Twitter writers outside of tweets.

At this time, Twitter Write is in a testing phase and has only been enabled for a limited number of users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ghana, although your notes can be viewed and shared from “most countries.”

What do you think of this new Twitter feature? Will it end up attracting more followers to your social network, or will it be a tool that will go unnoticed? We want your opinion and if you will use it when it is enabled in your country.

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