14 Ways To Generate Recurring Or Passive Income

14 Ways To Generate Recurring Or Passive Income

Often, one of the factors that hold a potential entrepreneur back the most is giving up recurring income from his paid work to face the uncertainty of his own economic activity. To decrease risk and maximize profits, it is a good idea to design a business model whose income is mostly recurring. The best expression of these systems is when processes are automated to achieve passive income Opportunities (that is, they do not depend directly on work).

This caveat is likely over, but just in case I comment: ”Talking about recurring income or passive income doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard to get, maintain and increase money flows.” The advantage is that these models are usually more efficient.

What is a passive income?

This is an income, usually recurring, that does not depend directly on the work of the business owner, although indirectly it is related to a previous effort to create an Automated system Passive income Ideas could be considered income from rentals of a property owner, profitability of investments in deposits, or automated income from a blog (advertising, automated sale of digital products, affiliate system commissions, etc.).

Let’s take the case of a blog. The owner has to do a constant job to maintain the editorial content of the blog, which indirectly leads to getting visits, which also become either advertising revenue or the sale of other digital products. If instead of selling digital products you sell T-shirts, each order would involve preparing a package and sending it to the customer. It would no longer be a passive income.

Examples of recurring, Passive Income

Getting a regular income of money is not something very simple, but it can be achieved through different strategies. Here are a few.

Sell ​​recurring consumer products.

We buy food every week for a biological imperative, while other purchases are much more punctual and optional (perhaps we buy a house in our life, perhaps none, rarely more than 3). If consumption is recurring, it is much easier to build customer loyalty. If you are able to give them a good shopping experience they will buy again and in time you will get a stable income base.

Establish subscription systems.

For a newspaper, having a subscriber base ensures a recurring income while the sale by number in the kiosks can vary depending on the current interest of the moment. A few weeks ago I gave you a few examples of subscription models and they are a great way to transform one-off sales into recurring revenue.

Customer loyalty

Before I was talking about the interest of loyalty to your customers when you sell products of recurring consumption. But even when this is not the case, if you can satisfy your consumers for a product or a service, you have a good chance that if they need something else that you sell, they will come to you.

Automate the sale

So far, the examples cited try to establish a long-term relationship with the same group of clients. But even if you sell a product only once (for example your book) you can get recurring income. In this case, the strategy is automation.

14 Ways for Passive, Recurring Income


Writing a book that can be repurposed as an eBook and book recording is an incredible method of making automated revenue. There are various book shop suppliers and you can make numerous floods of detached repeating pay through the production of only one book. Furthermore, you can use the formation of your book from numerous points of view and gain eminences off the pay for a considerable length of time.

Music Royalty

Writing a music record that has wide reception can give you an immense repeating stream of easy revenue, particularly when stages, for example, TikTok is worked off of lip-matching up.

Fan Funding

Content makers can get paid in a common manner for the substance you’re as of now putting out there. Instances of this are Patreon and Facebook supporter gatherings.

Participation Sites

You can make your own versatile substance site with enrollment levels for immense automated revenue consistently. In case you’re as of now making content this is an incredible method to create a payment that is versatile to a more extensive market.

Affiliate Earnings

Could you get paid for alluding individuals to organizations and marks and get paid for the traffic and clients that you’re acquiring?

Advantages of Passive Income

Getting Recommendations

If you’re selling items or administrations you can make your own alluding program and approach individuals be diplomats for your business. This will latently acquire new clients intrigued by your item offering.

Intellectual Property

There are numerous approaches to make an advantage, paten or permit that others should pay you for utilizing it. Making protected innovation and scaling is an extraordinary method of making automated revenue.

Making a Franchise

If you have a business you can use your effective equation and plan of action and make automated revenue from your franchisees, this model will likewise help produce new clients for your own business and network.

Web-based business Income

Products or administrations that you sell can likewise be sold online through your own website or other ecommerce stages.

Advertising Revenue

If you have heaps of supporters, audience members, or endorsers you can monetize your following with an advertisement roll. This is an extraordinary chance to advertise income you the current substance you’re now making.


You can get supported by brands and create advertisement income by advancing their items or administration on your internet-based life.

Lending Money

Adding enthusiasm to month-to-month reimbursements is an incredible method to create simple automated revenue.


Providing and selling data by means of online courses and stages can create enormous wholes of month-to-month Passive Income from deals and enrollments consistently. Additionally, you make the data item once and create a salary off of it until the end of time.

Sales Team

If another person is doing the business, another person is doing the showcasing, the development, and the client assistance you really have an uninvolved repeating salary and you can take whichever position in your organization you wish.

Advantages of Passive Income

Advantages of Passive Income

Financial security

Start your business can pose significant stress, especially related to uncertainty. If your business does not have the recurring income you can be in times of fat cows and feel optimistic about the future and soon go through times of hardship and be very worried. In many activities, it is not known what will happen next month and that can be very hard.

Maximizing efficiency

It costs a lot of work to set up a recurring income system, but the downside is that once it works, you don’t have to spend as much effort looking for new customers. Normally, you will be more aware of improving your system to increase its efficiency. On the contrary, when you have to conquer new customers every month to ensure the future of your business, you spend a lot of energy and money on it and you may not go deeper into improving the service or productivity of your activity.

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