5 Tips For Troubleshooting Laser Level Errors

5 Tips For Troubleshooting Laser Level Errors

It’s frustrating when you have a job to do but your tools aren’t working probably, and you have no idea how to fix them. That’s also true for surveyors, construction, plumbers, electricians, or carpenters when their laser level isn’t working properly. There are some common issues that can occur with laser levels and here, we will look at 5 troubleshooting tips to help you and your laser level get back to work.

No power

The first issue we will look at is a lack of power. If the laser level you are using allows, try changing the batteries. After a while rechargeable batteries can lose their ability to hold charge and they may need replacing. You can also try plugging it into a mains power source, by-passing the batteries, if the laser level works then it will be a battery issue. If you still don’t get power, it will need to be returned, replaced, or repaired.

Weak visibility

Usually, a beam/line that is hard to see is not an issue of the laser level but rather an issue of light. The brighter the surrounding light is, the harder the laser level line is to see. Once you become accustomed to your machine you may work out where the best place to set up is and with expertise, you’ll get your laser level line just visible enough to work. Maybe. However, you can buy a laser detector and make life easy on yourself.


There are usually a couple of reasons why lines might not be level. The first is bad measurements. If the measurements you have are wrong then your laser level is going to give you the wrong levels. The other reason is usually an uneven or unsteady platform beneath the laser level. Make sure your laser level is on straight, stable footings and you should get level lines.

Not rotating

Many times a laser level that is meant to rotate but doesn’t, will have to go in for repairs. You may be lucky that is just some junk or blockage in the cogs. Try rotating the laser level by hand and if you can, then it’s not a block or a simple fix.

Remote control not working

There could be one or two fixes when your remote control isn’t working. The first is to ensure there is nothing blocking the line of sight between the laser level and the remote. Second is replacing the battery. As a bonus, we will share one more tip with you, and that is our favourite laser level dealers. The company we choose is RS. They have a great reputation for giving expert advice and for only stocking quality products from reputable brands.

When it comes to troubleshooting laser level errors, it is either a machinery issue, human error, or due to the environment. The tips we have shared here have addressed five of the main laser level issues, but if you need more help, you can contact the team at RS.

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