Answer The Questions, And You Won’t Lose Customers

Answer The Questions, And You Won’t Lose Customers

Don’t Lose Customers: Do you have an e-shop? Get it ready for the Christmas season. The peace, family, and Christmas comfort period does not begin with the first Advent Sunday – it is already in full swing. You read well. 

You may still need to recover from summer, but traders are gradually but surely bringing out substantial calibres for the whole season of the year. Consider the preparation and ensure that your e-shop works at full speed. 

And this is by no means only the technical side of things. The human factor plays a role, and we all know how that can play out when time constraints, stress, and reduced attention spans combine. 

Everyone suddenly asks about absolutely everything

What does the stock look like? Do you have reliable suppliers? Do you think about discounts and a marketing campaign? And then there are the relentless questions from your customers who are curious and need to buy gifts for their loved ones. Who has to answer all this?

People like to ask questions a lot. And if they don’t get quick and relevant answers, they move on. Professional, trained live chat operators to answer simple questions about the brick-and-mortar store’s opening hours through the correct shopping cart navigation to help solve a forgotten order. They are right at hand. In addition, they are online from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 365 days a year. On Friday evenings, on weekends, and holidays. 

Do you receive most orders on your e-shop after 4 p.m. or on the weekend, i.e., outside regular working hours? And how does it look before Christmas? 

Build relationships with customers

Customer support. The automatic window popup can be set according to your requirements, but it is always visible. If a website visitor writes a question, he is guaranteed to receive an answer within one minute. And he will immediately find out that you are interested in him, listen to him, and know how to help him. It is a simple delegation of competencies so that you do not have to deal with every issue but manage your business at a strategic level.

Behind satisfied people purchase, requests for price offers and positive references. If someone is happy, feels that no one is ignoring them, and has a good feeling about the e-shop, they buy. If it’s missing, he won’t accept it. Not everything is about the low price. 

The solution? Being online

You don’t have to wait for IT support until they hang the banner on the website. And visitors to the web do not only ask about things related to Christmas matters during the Christmas season. They are unpredictable as in any other period. A web banner will not work for that. 

Behind the success of every business are people. It’s all about communication. And through communication, you create trust. So converse in the places where your customers are – right on your website.

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