Advertising | Don’t Lose Customers! Use Google Ads Effectively

Advertising | Don’t Lose Customers! Use Google Ads Effectively

Advertising on the Internet is a necessity for a successful business today. Need to increase website traffic, product sales, or increase brand awareness?

Running ads online can help you achieve your goals. Their main advantage is detailed data on individual ads, such as the number of orders, advertising revenue, return on investment, which are not measurable in traditional forms of advertising.

Google is the most used advertising system in our world. With this system, you can show your ad on Google search results, on more than 3 million sites that rent advertising space, on YouTube videos, in mobile apps, as well as in the Gmail interface and mobile apps. They can take various forms from text, through static and moving banners, to videos and emails.

Paying for ads works on the principle of PPC, which means that you usually pay for a click on an ad, not for its display. You can pay per 1000 impressions for banner and video ads. The cost-per-click for an ad varies depending on its type, location, and competition. However, these are usually between 1 and 30 cents. However, with narrowly specified targeting with high competition, the amount can rise above € 2.

You can target your ad to entire states, regions, cities, or circles around a specific location. You can also adjust your targeting by gender, age, parenting status, etc. You can even target Google ads to past visitors to your site, adjust the timing of when they appear, and restrict their display on mobile phones, computers, or tablets.

The biggest advantage of a Google text ad displayed in search results is that your ad is shown when users are actively searching for the products or services you offer. It is a very effective form of advertising on the Internet to increase sales.

In addition to text advertising, banner advertising is often used. It is mainly used to increase brand awareness, stock offers, new products, events, etc. It can be a static or moving image placed on the advertising space of other websites, in mobile applications or as a banner.

YouTube ad. Its targeting is similar to search advertising. In addition, however, you can target specific sites, categories of sites that your potential customers visit, or according to different interests and shopping intentions of users, or special occasions such as weddings, downloads, graduation.

YouTube advertising is one of the most effective and popular formats. It can serve not only to increase awareness but also to increase sales directly. In addition to the banner mentioned above in the video, the YouTube ad can also be displayed as a video in YouTube search results or directly in vdeos other than any length format with the option to turn it off after 5 seconds of display or a non-skippable 6-second format.

Targeting is similar to banner advertising, except you target video categories instead of site categories. The advantage of video advertising on YouTube is how you pay for advertising. A video ad can be charged in various ways, such as playing for more than 30 seconds, or the entire ad, if shorter, or clicking on additional elements displayed in the video, which can lead to a landing page with a promotion promoted in the video.

However, properly setting up and managing ads on the Internet requires deeper knowledge and experience, without which their results will be noticeably weaker. We recommend contacting a professional online marketing agency to get the most out of your campaigns.

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