Do You Know The Most Impressive Advertising Campaigns Of All Time?

Do You Know The Most Impressive Advertising Campaigns Of All Time?

It is a difficult task if we are trying to declare something the best. We create our ranking of properties and values ​​and compare it with others. It is similar when choosing the best Advertising campaigns.

Why did we choose these marketing Advertising campaigns? We remember the ads even after years of their initial presentation. When some of them were born, many of us were not taken. And we can also clearly state that they have made a considerable contribution to building and growing the brand.

Top 5 Advertising Campaigns

Apple: Get a Mac

The Mac vs. Debate campaign PCs were truly exceptional. It ended up as one of Apple’s most successful ads ever. The debate introduced the audience to everything they needed to know about the Mac product in a very understandable way. And what was the real benefit of the campaign for the company? In the first year after its broadcast, it reached a market share of 42%.

Key link? Yes, you are sure that your product brings terrific things to customers. However, we do not need to present such a link to customers. Instead, we should explain the concise features of the product and the instructions for its use in a simple and, above all, understandable way.

Nike: Do It.

The Nike brand used to belong almost exclusively to marathon runners. Then a new trend appeared on the sports scene – fitness training. Nike’s marketing team needed to beat its main competitor, the Reebok brand. (At the time, Reebok sold more shoes than Nike). And so, in the late 1980s, Nike launched the “Just Do It” campaign – in short, it captured the feelings people experienced during exercise. And also the euphoria of moving. Do you want to conquer four floors? Just do it. An apt slogan that drives us forward. And it encourages us to run even further, far beyond the horizon.

In 1988, revenue from Nike sales reached $ 800 million; by 1998, sales had exceeded $ 9.2 billion.

So, if we’re trying to decide on the best way to present our brand, let’s think about the problem facing our target audience. What solution can we offer for this problem? Let’s focus on the customer’s emotions, through which our answer will be perceived to the fullest.

Marlboro: Marlboro Man

When was the cigarette brand ad launched? Already in 1955. Do you want to be free? Are you a real man? Do you want to see the world with big eyes? What created such a vast brand strength? Yes, a product-related lifestyle. Simply masculinity. Advertising was effective because it captured the ideal lifestyle that men wanted at the time.

A lesson? Let’s try to fit the product into the audience’s lifestyle or how it lives within its excellent ideas.

Dove: Real Beauty

The slogan for the Dove brand’s “Real Beauty” campaign was launched in 2004, and we still see it today. The creators created an ad on a topic known to be sensitive but meaningful to their customers. It is a simple but effective approach to personal marketing.

Let’s take an example of a campaign. They asked the artist to draw sketches of women, which will be divided into two groups. The first method brought drawings in which women portrayed themselves and their feelings. In the second category of women, someone described a random one, and according to this description, the drawing was created. In each class, the same woman was drawn entirely differently. Dove has provided interesting statistics with this categorization, namely that only 4% of women worldwide feel beautiful.

What has been achieved? One hundred fourteen million people have seen the videos. They have been shared 3.74 million times. They were recorded in 25 languages ​​and seen in 110 countries. They reached 4 billion PR and media impressions. The result resonated clearly. The audience was overwhelmed by the ad. The target group was also excited about Dove’s statistics as a background message.

Absolut Vodka: The Absolut Bottle

The Absolut bottle has no particular shape, yet it has become the most famous globally. The print ad (the most extended continuous advertising campaign ever) showing a bottle in the wild has been running for 25 years and consists of 1,500 independent parts.

Why did Absolut need a strike campaign? It started with a 2.5% vodka market share. Years later, at the end of the last century, half of the vodka imports in the United States bore the Absolut brand.

So what’s the link for marketers? Isn’t our product exceptional? Never mind. Your marketing story can be devised engagingly. Let’s remember: for one ordinary bottle, you can come up with 15,000 presentation options. Let’s make ourselves visible and similarly differentiate ourselves.

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