10 Tips On What Your Visual Content Should Look Like

10 Tips On What Your Visual Content Should Look Like

In recent years, The content has become more visual. Marketers experimented with infographics, videos, and so on, and made plans to make visual content stronger and stronger.

In fact, 73% of content creators prefer to create more compelling content this year, and 55% plan to prioritize the creation of visual content.

This can be a problem to excel. To prevent content loss, you need to find a way to create something worthy of your audience’s time and attention. You ask how?

1. Eye-catching photos

According to 93% of people, pictures are the most important factor when deciding to buy a product.

  • Show what is happening behind the scenes of your brand / company / project
  • Give face to your brand
  • Showcase your product in action

2. Labels with inspirational quotes

You can create such labels or images with quotes quickly and easily, and in addition, quotes are very often shared on many social platforms.

  • Use quotes that reflect your brand values
  • Use a palette, type of style and aesthetics tailored to you

3. Strong calls to action

  • In up to 70% of business cases, the call to action is completely neglected. It is a great promotion of discounts, events, various offers and many other exclusive content.
  • Influence your site visitors to do something “buy now” “click here” “follow us on”
  • Use colors and slides to grab people’s attention

4. Tagged images

  • Tagged images. Using detailed and tagged images can help you get more audience attention by 67%.
  • Use imagery that reflects your unique sales feature
  • Capture your values ​​and brand nature through images, colors, compositions, etc.
  • Place your name or logo on each image

5. Representation of interesting data

40% of people respond and understand visual information better than plain text. You can pass on important facts and figures to others much faster.

  • Use maps, graphs, tables, charts, etc.
  • Design your data to reflect your brand

6. Attract with videos

  • Only less than 10% of small business are actively creating video content. Studies show that 64% of consumers tend to buy a product online after watching a video.
  • Give your brand an accurate voice and sound

7. Tips, tricks and tutorials

Advice and tips will help your brand build a wise and intelligent character, in addition, they are very welcome among consumers.

  • Show interesting ways to use your product
  • They can be recipes, tutorials, tutorials to increase productivity in life or anything else.
  • Use visual materials such as pictures, videos and the like to gain attention, support sharing

8. Informative screenshots

88% of people read reviews to find out the business “quality”.

  • Use screenshots to proudly boast positive reviews from your customers
  • Comment on screenshots for greater clarity
  • Use screenshots to pinpoint your article or demonstrate the website / program

9. Stimulating issues

Interesting questions that make your audience think or express their help help break the ice between you and your customers.

  • Ask your consumers questions to spark conversation and engagement
  • Keep your questions open: “What motivates you?” “When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?” “What makes you happy?” “What did you do when you last lost track of time?”
  • Presenting your question as an image will support the sharing of your content

10. Information

  • Inforgafics are “liked” and shared 3 times more than any other part of the visual content. What’s more, marketers who use infographics have reported 12% higher profits than those who don’t.
  • Compress a lot of information into one medium
  • When creating them, stick to the colors and overall visual style of your brand

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