How To Create Videos For Mobile Devices

How To Create Videos For Mobile Devices

Create Videos for mobile devices? If you’re wondering if it even makes sense to venture into this format, our answer is: “Absolutely yes!”

Today’s users scroll through Facebook feeds 41 % faster on mobile than desktop. Video is viewed five times longer than static images, and according to eMarketer, more than 75% of video views are on mobile devices. Videos watched on mobile phones thus have an excellent opportunity to gain a high reach.

It does not matter if it is a promo, educational, or animation video. The chance should not be missed. If you want to avoid additional and expensive editing of an already finished video, we recommend you answer the following questions before creating the video.

Vertical = more efficient

Is vertical or horizontal video better for mobile devices? People usually hold their phones vertically. Vertical (4:5, 2:3, and 9:16) and square videos take up more space on the screen and therefore offer a more impressive experience.

Conversely, horizontal videos (16:9) can work well on a landing page or your company blog.

This trend is starting to be used, for example, by the creators of music videos, and in a moment, we will be able to watch a video of any artist on YouTube without having to rotate it. Isn’t that great?

Tip: Are you considering using a classic online spot on a mobile phone? According to creative strategist Ginevri Capece Galeota, it’s always better to create mobile videos from scratch and not try to modify an existing horizontal format.

But if you still want to adopt such a spot for mobile devices, Ginevra recommends changing the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:5 for Instagram and 2:3 for Facebook.

Videos with sound are more versatile.

The time and place where people watch videos are equally important. All these circumstances must be considered, whether at home, in the car, at work, or with the sound on or off.

Automatically played videos on Facebook have the sound turned off by default. Up to 85% of Facebook users are used to watching videos without sound.

Therefore, when creating video content, it is essential to make it understandable even without sound. The video should thus bring the same quality experience. However, this does not mean that sound becomes useless on mobile devices.

For example, Instagram users prefer videos with sound. Up to 60% of Instagram story ads are watched out loud.

Subtitles will make the content more memorable.

Facebook found that in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, up to 72% of people watch videos on mobile while shopping and 70% while moving from place to place. These followers can also be your potential customers. Add subtitles

So that viewers don’t miss the essence of the video. Thanks to them, the video will be more effective. According to Facebook, adding captions to video Ad increase video view time by 12%. The longer the video is displayed, the longer it holds the viewer’s attention. This automatically increases the memorability of its content. When creating your promo video, I recommend showing a product or brand.

In the first 5 seconds and caption it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you want to create videos for mobile devices, go for it! Try, test, play! Try, for example, Full-screen formats, Instagram Stories Ads, interactive carousel ads, or 360-degree videos.

It is precisely 360-degree videos that arouse a high level of interaction with the viewer – they encourage him to turn the device and drag his finger through the content… According to Facebook statistics from 2017, this video format brings 1.4 times more joy than a standard video. And what formats do you use?

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