How Do I Make A Video Ad On YouTube To Get Real Results?

How Do I Make A Video Ad On YouTube To Get Real Results?

Have you ever wondered how to sell a memorable message to a viewer? Usually, the easiest thing to remember is the story. But how to talk about it in a few seconds of video? Try a sequential video ad that I’ll show you today.

How does it work?

You can only display a sequential video ad format on YouTube by using bumpers (micro spots), skippable, or non-skippable in-stream ads. You set videos into individual sequences according to the order in which you want to display them. The video in the first sequence will be displayed to the user first, the video in the second sequence will only be displayed if he has already seen the first, and so on.

However, you should also create videos based on what goal you want to achieve with them. For example, building a brand, passing on memorable information, or purchasing. Choose a different video strategy for each goal, which we’ll discuss in more detail.

Engage, highlight, be reminded

In the first ad strategy, start with a shorter video that will arouse the audience’s curiosity. In the second video, highlight the main message or reveal the secret. It will work best with a longer video. Now the viewer should think about you. Remind him of the last shorter bump, which transforms his hesitation into a decision.


This type of strategy is very similar to a classic movie or series. It starts with a video with a plot or conflict, continues with telling the story, and finally passes the resolution to the viewer. If you would like to create a story to continue, this is the best way.

Direct shot

If you need to pass on important information to a viewer, don’t bother viewing the same video all the time. Try to offer him information a little differently each time. Make a few videos, including 4 or 6, and try tailoring them to a different audience each time.

We also tried this strategy for a dm drugstore client. The main purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of the dmBio healthy food brand. We created several short videos in which we presented the same message, i.e. healthy food, which is also quick to prepare. We always presented a different recipe through educational videos called “quick-cooking course”.

A story to be continued

Only two videos make up this strategy. In the first longer video, captivate with a story that will appeal to the viewer. In the second shorter video, unravel the story. Don’t forget to challenge the viewer at the end


Invite the viewer into your story with a short intro that will interest you. Then, in the longer video, complete the story and highlight the message you’d like to tell.

Which sequential strategy to choose?

It depends on what goal you want to achieve with your video ad. If you want to increase brand awareness, choose a miniseries with storytelling. If you want to convey memorable information or message to the viewer, you can choose a live shot or also a mini-series. Direct capture is also the most suitable solution to increase sales. The video shows the usability of the product for different groups of customers.

However, the right choice of strategy is still up to you. Choose it to best fit the concept of your videos. Don’t forget to test either. Thanks to testing, you can come to surprising conclusions, and in the end, a completely different strategy or advertising format may be ideal for you.

I firmly believe that I have introduced you to advertising options that you could try in practice.

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