What Is Consumer Insight, And How To Find It?

What Is Consumer Insight, And How To Find It?

Insight – an internal gust that moves your target

Consumer insight, What do consumers want? What are their hearts whispering to? Why do they behave the way they do? And what do they not confess to? The answers to these questions will lead you to the proverbial insight that drives the entire marketing world. But what can we imagine under it?

This English word may seem incomprehensible to us. Insight is about understanding the needs and desires of our target group, which are the basis of their behavior and attitudes in the market. We try to understand the expressed but also the unexpressed needs. Insight is also about uncovering new consumer opportunities that we haven’t noticed yet.

For this reason, it is essential to make a thorough analysis of the competition and the whole macro-environment. Consumer insight is a penetration that we identify only when we get to know the consumer, his connection to our brand, and the socio-economic environment in which he finds himself.

Our job is to find out what our consumers want, what they want. The answers to the following questions can help us to understand our consumers:

  • What do consumers say they do?
  • What do consumers say they do but don’t do?
  • What do consumers not say they do but do?
  • Why do they say they do it when they don’t?
  • Why do they say they don’t, but they do?

Imagine a person who claims to separate waste. However, when no one is looking, they have no problem throwing a plastic bottle into nature. If we are marketers who want to launch a new product or promote it, at this point, we should start asking why this person is behaving this way. Why does he claim to care about the environment and not really? What could help him separate and take care of nature all the time? If we find the answer to these questions, we will find out what product or communication link would help take care of the waste at all times.  

How To Find Answers To These Questions? How To Find Insight?

If we want to find answers to these questions, we have no choice but to ask our consumers.

Nowadays, there are several ways you can get their answers: You can pay for your representative marketing survey 

  • if you have enough financial resources. This can take several forms from a focus group discussion, an in-depth interview (consumer immersion), or a questionnaire sent to the target group.
  • Collecting data from different digital platforms may be a more affordable alternative. At this time, people are leaving behind a massive digital footprint in the form of posts on social networks, discussion forums, or groups. This source can also provide us with data that will tell us something about the thinking and behavior of our target group.
  • Another method that will help us understand consumer behavior and attitudes is the drilling technique. This is based on the fact that we go “into the field” and ask our customers directly. We repeatedly ask him questions “why” and “why otherwise.” As a result, you will be able to “develop” already known information about consumer behavior and attitudes. You will get to the basic needs, desires, deeper causes, and motivations of behavior.  

And What Can Come Of This?

If we can extract from the collected data those that are relevant to us and we can then interpret them correctly, we will obtain valuable information. This can take the form of a simple sentence that will allow you to say, “Ah, I understand that now. I already understand how our target group perceives the world, product, and brand.” And that’s the insight!

It is essential to say that we know the insight:

  • product,
  • consumer,
  • communication.

Product Insight

An example of product-level insight is the Heinz brand. She came up with an interesting fact: Many people put ketchup down their heads. This resulted in an understanding: They turn ketchup upside down because they want it to flow out of the bottle faster, ideally right after the lid is opened. Thanks to this finding, Heinz changed its product – it created a new package that facilitated the dosing of ketchup.

Consumer Insight

The OMO detergent brand is an excellent example of consumer insight.

The company found that when mothers with children are on the playground, they shout at their children and they are angry. Omo understood the reason for this behavior. They found that mothers called their children for three reasons:

  • They feared that they would not be able to wash dirty clothes.
  • The fear of what older mothers would think of them.
  • The fear that children would not get sick when catching dirty things.

We mentioned above that consumer insight penetrates all areas and, therefore, customers, market, brand, and trends.

Marketers at OMO could therefore consider the following:

  • They found out what it means to be a great mother today and her values, attitudes, needs, and desires.
  • They looked at what the brand is about at the highest level and what defined its role in the past
  • to find out the current trends in the laundry.

And they got the following consumer insight:

Moms can relax and give their children the freedom to learn and develop through play only if they know that washing clothes will not be a chore.

He thus communicated in the spirit of:

Moms, don’t worry. You’ll be able to wash things. The dirt is good!

This OMO concept has been going on for many years and was also reflected in the 2020 campaign:

Communication Insight

During the London Olympics, Nike launched the “Find your greatness” campaign. It encouraged everyone, regardless of ability, to excel as athletes. Insight, on which Nike built this campaign: “Not only the athlete or the record holder in the competition is trying to push their limits. Achieve your decisive moment of greatness.” The campaign addresses the emotions of the target consumers and, at the same time, questions the common perception of the brand – Nike is not just for professionals

What Is The Difference Between Consumer And Communication Insight?

Consumer insight often has to be reformulated in communication. This reformulated insight is a communication link prepared by communication strategists and used in advertising. Marketing strategy design consumer insight, and we in the Techeminds also deal with it when we determine it within the Business Marketing strategy for our clients.

It is dedicated to branding, and in lessons loaded with practice and theory, you will learn how to build a brand that will attract success and customers because success is a decision.

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