More Powerful Facebook Advertising Thanks To Ad Strategies

More Powerful Facebook Advertising Thanks To Ad Strategies

Facebook promises to improve ad automation from Ad Strategies

Recent changes in Facebook have brought a lot of disappointment to ad results. Facebook is now coming up with a new product – Ad Strategies. The goal is to improve automation and thus the overall performance of your ads.

Performance dropped, and costs went up.

Many marketers who advertise on Facebook have found that their performance, particularly their conversions, has declined since Apple’s changes began. The performance price went up, while sales fell in many cases.

Today, we can influence some of the results by implementing the CAPI solution, which we wrote about in our blog. This link has resulted in significant improvements in conversions. Please note, however, that this is not a way to get around the changes due to iOS 14.5. Server-level measurements are more accurate, and machine learning works better with better results.

A revolution in results?

Ad Strategies should bring a slight revolution in advertising costs and performance.

Ad Strategies is a new functionality that Facebook is currently testing in selected accounts. This service should bring advertisers the best possible ad performance. Automating the various elements will improve your advertising spend optimization.

How does it work?

In Ad Strategies, you define your goals in advance, with the help of which the advertisement will reach potential customers and those involved. Part of the strategy is to distribute ads to returning customers. These are very important for most sites. According to the available results from Facebook testing, after the implementation of Ad Strategy, the results are better with a smaller budget than with other advertising platforms.

Think about the strategy in advance

Prepare the purpose of your ads in advance to create a strategy. Not only the main goals but also the sub-goals in the process. It is ideal for pulling out an annual marketing plan and looking into it. This avoids various unnecessary repairs, such as seasonal goods or services or the offer of goods from different brands.

In Ad Strategies, enter the area you want to focus on in your ad. There are two options: selling goods or collecting contacts (Leads). Choose an audience, and set a budget. Enter the information required by Ad Strategies to make sure that machine learning works appropriately.

Ad Strategies will find potential people for your business

Facebook’s strategy should automatically start looking for potential customers to buy from you or people willing to leave you with their contact. Facebook works with probability and delivers the ad accordingly to people expected to purchase or fill out and submit a contact form.

Ad Strategies also include creatives and creative elements that appeal to potential customers. The functionality works to make your work as easy as possible. You can create different creatives for each customer area (new, engaged, returning).

Machine learning will do it all for you.

Once you’ve set your strategy, your campaigns will start, accepting all your specified parameters. During its operation, Facebook will begin evaluating and subsequently optimizing advertising funds. The result should be lower costs and higher performance.

Ad Strategies will bring another level of automation and optimization to campaigns through machine learning.

Facebook offers optimization now.

You may have noticed the blue Optimize button in multi-ad campaigns. Facebook has recently started to offer machine-based optimization of individual addresses.

For example, while we have optimized the budget at the ad set level, Facebook now optimizes the budget for us and chooses the most successful ad sets, in which it then invests credit. However, Facebook still recommends creating a large audience as the ideal solution for the ad to work correctly.

Facebook has also updated the API link, and it will improve automation

Facebook expands targeting with a new update in the link API. It responds to the restrictions imposed by Apple. The novelty will help better the distribution of ads in its targeting and optimization.

It works by choosing the audience you want to target. Then select Extend detailed targeting.

If Facebook finds that expanded targeting has a positive effect on the performance and results of your ads, it will automatically reach a wider audience there. It uses machine learning to capture potential users and thus increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Facebook warns that this extension only introduces cases where it is sure to get better results. Targeting extensions do not apply to demographic areas such as age or location.

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