How To Deal With Disapproved Ads In Google AdWords

How To Deal With Disapproved Ads In Google AdWords

Google is increasingly concerned about the quality of its products. This fact did not bypass the Google AdWords PPC approval process either. Frequent misconduct can lead to account suspension. The reasons for rejection tend to be quite logical and natural. However, it is good to keep in mind the extent to which we should think about them.

The experience of ad disapproval can be annoying, mainly if it occurs repeatedly. We thus waste valuable time repairing and waiting for the next inspection. The approval process usually takes 24 hours. This time, too, can negatively impact conversions because your ad is inactive until approved. In today’s article, we’ll look at the most common reasons.

Possible reasons why Google has disapproved of your ad

Avoid overly definitive statements that you cannot substantiate with the actual results. By that, I mean formulations like “the best chocolate in the world,” we are “the most popular,” and so on. Of course, you can be reasonably proud of your advertising.

Ad text contains words related to topics that are taboo for the younger population—adult topics such as erotica, gambling, violence, or dangerous products.

Using uppercase words and PoD0bN3 formatting changes is not the best way to make yourself visible. It doesn’t look nice, and Google will reject such an ad.

There is a telephone number in the text.

The reason is that we have a telephone extension to display the phone number. This will save us space for the advertising message, and we will get a slightly higher Quality Score with more advertising space.

Click prompts. If it’s literal wording like “click here,” you’ll get a stop sign. Content interaction challenges are an effective copywriting technique, but we’re forced to use words like ‘buy-in,’ ‘visit us,’ ‘sign in,’ and more in AdWords ads. On the contrary, such challenges are required in your ads.

Exaggerated punctuation. The system will alert us to this shortcoming. The use of exclamation marks, hyphens, question marks, and other punctuation is unprofessional.

Misleading URLs that lead us to a page other than the one displayed are disabled. However, we do not want to mislead our visitors. The goal of our ads is to engage your audience with compelling and relevant text that will allow the user to click on the ad to get the content they want.

Failure to meet gaps. For example, after the comma.

Bad:  Blue, Yellow, White

Correct:  Blue, Yellow, White

Use of a trademarked word.

In this case, we have no choice but to use the word’s synonym.


In conclusion, it’s best to fix the disapproved ads as soon as possible. It’s not a science, and it’s just a matter of simply editing the old ad and resubmitting it. If you are interested in more detailed first-hand information, I recommend heading to the Google Advertising Policies Center.

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