5 Tips For Creating Effective Calls To Action (CTA) On Your Website

5 Tips For Creating Effective Calls To Action (CTA) On Your Website

Including calls to action (CTA – call to action -) on your website is vital, as it helps improve your conversion rate. Still not sure how to apply them? Keep reading because, in this post, we explain everything you need to know. Let’s start!

What is a call to action (CTA)?

A call to action (CTA) is a resource that allows you to encourage users to carry out a certain action that is of value to your business. This can be purchased in your online store, by contacting you, or by subscribing to a newsletter. Regardless of the objectives, its position within your website is of paramount value.

The vocabulary of your CTA can include binding actions such as “Buy” or “Subscribe.” Generally, it is recommended to put them apart from the buttons, as otherwise, it can seem a bit aggressive.

Why is it important to include them on your website?

As you already know, a website’s architecture is vital. However, without a CTA, users will likely see your content but leave without taking a value action. Calls to action have the value of retaining your target audience on your website and converting them into followers or potential customers.

If you want users to follow a certain series of steps, CTAs are even more essential. They can be used to create a guide that helps users complete each specific action. This is why you should think carefully about what your calls to action will be like and the steps that users follow when browsing your website.

5 tips to keep in mind to maximize the performance and potential of your call to action (CTA)

When creating your CTAs, there are a series of tips you should consider to achieve the best performance. The most relevant are the following:

Use the active voice. Using active phrases serves to guide your audience to execute actions.

Includes words with a specific meaning. Try not to stay in general. Go one step further. For example, “sends” can seem very generic. Instead, “subscribe” is much more precise, according to the action you want to carry out.

Use short calls to action. In addition to being direct, it is also important that you monitor its extension. Do not include too many words, as they will lose their effectiveness.

Creates a sense of urgency. This is especially relevant when you have an offer or a discount for a certain period.

Put yourself in the place of the user. Like you as a company, your target audience also has expectations. Try to use a language with which users feel identified.

Where to include calls to action

There are many places where you can include calls to action. Some of the most prominent are the following:

Meta descriptions

It is one of the first opportunities to convince users. They will appear in search engines. In addition to properly writing meta descriptions, include a call to action.


Once the user clicks, the most normal thing is that they go through the homepage. This is a perfect place to include a CTA.

product pages

When your target audience reviews your eCommerce products, you should encourage them to buy. Do not forget to think of good phrases that convince the user to add the product to their cart.

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