How To Get Suitable Graphics On Social Networks. These Elements Should Include.

How To Get Suitable Graphics On Social Networks. These Elements Should Include.

How do graphics on social networks? 

graphics on social networks, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest have their image requirements. Publishing on social networks is to attract attention, so the contributions should be engaging and exciting. Load them with emotions, and you are a step towards the viral spread. 

The contribution to social networks can be understood as one whole – a combination of text and visualization. It works best so that even if there is no text to the image, the user learns everything necessary from the image. 

However, this depends mainly on what is in the picture, whether there is a brief accompanying text, and, of course, the time context. You can use current situations, such as social or political life, to spread the contributions. 

If you respond correctly, with the right visuals and time, you gain a high potential for spreading your contribution. These possibilities are regularly used, for example, by Ikea, who can react very quickly to current events. He incorporates his products into the posts, which he “colors” with an accompanying striking text. 

The graphics must be prominent. 

We have three seconds on the big screen to capture the user’s attention, usually one second on the smartphone. Keep this in mind when preparing the image. It must be prominent so that it stands out in the crowd of other sites’ posts, and the user has a reason to stop on the screen and take the action you want. This can be, for example, reading a post, commenting, or clicking on a web page. 

Photos from a paid photo bank are also suitable for creating contributions. The most appropriate solutions are photos of your work that talk about your work, the services you offer, your activities, or what you sell. 

Each social network has slightly different requirements for what the image should contain. Instagram demands a picture full of emotions. A photo with text is also captured on Facebook. Pinterest is specific, asking for high-quality and engaging images. People here are mainly looking for inspiration. 

How much text per image?

Take a stopwatch and measure how much text you read in three seconds. And then calculate how many you read in one second. And you have the answer to our question. If you are inserting text into the photo, try to distort it to 4-5 words. 

The correct placement of the text and its informative value is essential. There are posts with a lot of information on social networks. Their reach tends to be below, and they tend to do sharp even with paid advertising. Better, more minor than a lot and no result. 

Facebook has long based on the fact that there is a maximum of 20% of the text in its image. Such an image had a worse organic impact, and it did not run in advertisements at all. Later, the rules were relaxed, and today Facebook no longer checks how much text a picture contains. But the law is the more text, the more complex the post reads. It works similarly on Instagram, and it is best to use clean photos. The text fits into Stories, for example. 

As a complex combination of text and image, the paper is supposed to talk about one, at most, two, pieces of information. Don’t try to say everything in one post. If the theme allows, use graphical elements that can replace words. This will make the post more visually memorable.  

Logo and CTA elements in the image 

If you publish on Facebook or Instagram, you do not need to insert a CTA button in the images (for example, the See more action, See) because Facebook offers this option. You can choose from several options for your activity when setting up your ads. For example, Register, Get a quote, and so on. Stories also allow you to add CTA elements to the post. 

If you leave the CTA button in the photo and the user clicks on it, the image will only be displayed. Therefore, use the CTA elements from the default Facebook menu. Of course, there may be a brief challenge in the photo to take the desired action. 

We leave the use of the logo in images to you. If the graphic designer can place it sensitively and unobtrusively, use it. If the image logo is harmful, skip it. The logo is your identity. 

Always think about social networking in advance, select suitable pictures and complete graphically where required. Always plan ahead of time to have enough time to respond to current posts. 

We will prepare a proposal of topics that suit your business, graphic design of contributions, and a publication plan. Please consult with us and make the most of social networking options.  

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