Remote PC Support And More: Anydesk Overview

Remote PC Support And More: Anydesk Overview

Today, we would like to introduce you to the AnyDesk software solution. It is a multifunctional product that allows you to access your remote desktop from anywhere in the world. You can print documents remotely, transfer text files, and control the work of your employees. At the same time, you can be sure of the safety of your PC. Read more about the remote administration program in our material.

The global pandemic has forced a massive shift to remote operations. Even those organizations that were skeptical about the effectiveness of remote control had to get used to the new reality. According to research, 77% of employees say their remote productivity improved, and their average annual income increased in 2021. It is predicted that by 2028, 73% of all organizations will employ remote staff. In such circumstances, the question arises about securing remote access.

What is the Anydesk app, and why is it needed

It is software designed to manage remote access. The program is cross-platform; it can be used on different operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Chrome, and Linux.

Anydesk solution will allow you remote access to files and documents on your PC. In addition to remote administration, you can transfer files and use VPN functions. IT specialists, if necessary, will help remotely deal with various malfunctions and interruptions in the operation of the device. Anydesk program will work even in places with weak Internet signal signals; users can be individuals or companies. Former employees of the manufacturer TeamViewer created Anydesk. As you know, this is also a remote support program. The Anydesk product appeared later as an improved, simplified, understandable tool for remote administration.

What can the program do?

Solves complex problems at a distance.

Regardless of the device’s location, AnyDesk will provide remote assistance in resolving issues. Software developers can help customers solve complex problems from a central office through remote support. The program will simplify and speed up customer communication and support worldwide.

Help you work safely and productively from home.

The program has a built-in administrator tool that allows you to perform various functions remotely, such as restarting the PC and generating and analyzing session reports. It also allows you to print the document remotely. To print, you must select a local AnyDesk printer and a print request will be sent to your PC.

It provides the ability to transfer files.

If you need to exchange text, screenshots, and other files, the AnyDesk clipboard will be a good helper. It will allow you to transfer files between a remote PC and local gadgets.

Possesses versatility for teamwork.

The AnyDesk Whiteboard option will help you draw instructions for employees and create a chat for communication with remote connections. The screen can be recorded for reuse later.

Transfers graphic elements between PCs, latency does not exceed 16 milliseconds, real-time collaboration.

AnyDesk is based on innovative desk technology. The transfer of graphics components is done in a unique way that competitors do not use. When working remotely, the response time must be as short as possible. In AnyDesk, the latency reaches less than 16 milliseconds, which is not noticeable. The program’s functionality will allow you to organize a collaborative workflow in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Creates privacy and security.

The program has TLS 1.2 encryption technology, protecting you from illegal access. All connections are verified using the RSA 2048 asymmetric cryptosystem keys. To control the login to the computer, you can use the allowlists of trusted PCs. Thus, only users of authorized workstations can request the establishment of a connection. You can set up your network if you want to establish complete control of the data. So, it is possible to work offline without using the Internet.

The program can be downloaded even while traveling on the road.

Compared to competitors, AnyDesk is a lightweight application with a volume of 3 MB, which allows you to download it while on a bus, train, or plane, in the mountains, or at the seaside. Set a password, and you have access to a remote PC from work devices, home computers, or a conference room.

How Anydesk differs from its peers

According to the developers, the main difference between AnyDesk and its counterparts is its high speed. According to tests, the FPS of the main competitor of remote administration, TeamViewer, when using primitive graphics with Windows Aero disabled, is about 20 frames/sec. Using AnyDesk, elements are displayed on the monitor screen at a speed of 60 frames per second.

  • AnyDesk – 60 FPS
  • TeamViewer – 15-25.4 FPS
  • Splashtop – 13-30 FPS
  • Windows RDP – 20 FPS
  • Google Remote Desktop – 12-18 FPS

The use of the DeskRT codec ensures high FPS. Similar programs are also equipped with codecs, but AnyDesk technology was originally created “from scratch” for programs rich in graphic elements.

As mentioned above, AnyDesk is a lightweight program compared to TeamViewer, 12 times lighter than its primary counterpart.

The AnyDesk software solution is a multifunctional product that can handle various tasks. The program works on all platforms and devices. AnyDesk has advantages that differentiate it from similar applications. With this product, you can efficiently organize remote work.

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