Build An Eshop – What Does It Take To Start From Scratch?

Build An Eshop – What Does It Take To Start From Scratch?

We have repeatedly stressed the reasons why building an eshop is the best investment for a business today. We have analyzed how you can promote your online store and of course how to make it more competitive in the online market. In today’s article, we will go deeper into the steps needed to build an eshop to start from scratch.

If your business does not already have an online store, it is certain that at some point you have considered investing in its further development with an eshop. In fact, if you did your research on what it takes to get started, you would probably be confused by the many different information circulating on the internet.

Below we have prepared in detail all the steps required to start your own online store and to address the huge purchasing power of internet users.


The first and most important step to starting to build your online presence is of course to clarify your goals. As mentioned above, creating an eshop is an investment that will contribute to the further development of your business. However, you have to set your goals from the beginning and move accordingly.

Do you want an eshop with thousands of products or will you limit yourself to the ones that sell best in your physical store? Do you want an impressive page that wins the impressions from the very first visit or do you want to invest more in a simple and understandable design? Do you want to set up an online code store from scratch, relying on a free platform like woo commerce or open cart, or choose to build an eshop on CScart which is a more specialized option?

If you have not thought about the basic functions that you want your online store to contain, you can get information from the shop build packages.

Selection of the eshop platform

After answering the basic questions mentioned above and clarifying your goals, it is time to choose the platform on which your online store will be based. Each platform has its own advantages. The final decision will depend on the exclusive needs of your business. Detailed information about each platform can be found in our article ” Eshop platforms, which are the best and why? »

Of course, if your business needs are high enough, probably no platform will be able to meet the 100%. In these cases, the most appropriate solution is to develop a custom Eshop. The experienced and specialized Web Developers of our company are able to understand your needs and suggest the most efficient solution. However, it would be good to know some basic information in advance and in particular:

  • The number of products you will include in the eshop (an approach).
  • If you want to manage your online store yourself.
  • The budget you are willing to spend.
  • The additional functions you want to include.
  • As it is easily understood, the understanding of your needs is the A and the Z in an eshop construction.

Process Sales Online

The next step in creating an online store is understanding the overall way it operates. That is, how you want to serve your customers through it. Key factors that will affect the overall construction are:

  • The type of products you will sell (physical or digital).
  • The ways in which you will accept your payments (cash on delivery, card, PayPal, etc.).
  • How your inventory will be updated (interface with ERP software).
  • Automatic issuance of invoices and documents.
  • Ability to create a user account.


Understanding all of the above needs and functions that you want to include in your online store is the key part of building an eshop for you. Once you have a detailed picture, all you have to do is contact us.

After providing all the information, we will suggest to you the most effective solution to develop an online store that will help fulfill your goals. After all, the purpose is not only to build an eshop, but also to optimize it in order to increase sales.


One last point that we would like to emphasize due to the fact that many interested parties are unaware, is the cost of promoting and advertising an online store. In your initial budget, it would be good to include an amount for the promotion of your store. No matter how good an online store is, it does not make sense if customers can not find it.

There are several ways to promote an eshop. Some of the most effective are:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Advertising with Google Ads
  3. Promotion of organic results with SEO

Of course in the beginning it is not possible to know which of the above ways will help your business the most. This is why you will only need to estimate the amount of budget you intend to spend. You can leave the rest to the professional internet marketers of GoldenSites.

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