How To Get YouTube Subscribers in 10 Free Ways

How To Get YouTube Subscribers in 10 Free Ways

If you want to make money on YouTube, then you should take care of increasing the number of subscribers to your channel. Of course, you can create a viral video that will get a lot of views, but this will not provide you with a steady income. Subscribers are the key to success. You need your own loyal audience that will wait for the release of each next video. Edition Hootsuite shares tips, how to attract new subscribers on YouTube. It’s about the correct promotion strategy, and not about some tricks.

How To Attract New Subscribers?

YouTube is a huge commercial space where there is a place for everyone. The number of video views reaches 5 billion daily. Most of this activity is monetized by content authors. You can also grab a piece of this pie.

Start Promoting

If you start looking for tips on how to attract new subscribers, you will find many different hacks. But in reality, they don’t work, since YouTube is very closely watching cheating and other tricks. The only way that really works is through competent and targeted promotion.

If we are talking about a new channel with several subscribers, then your first audience should be friends. Just ask them to share your videos on social media. This is the most efficient way to get your first few hundred subscribers. Further, much will depend on the relevance and quality of the content.

Follow The “1 × 4” rule

The author of The Recording Revolution has managed to create a recording business worth millions of dollars. Graham Cochrane’s success is thanks to YouTube. The unemployed guy just started uploading the music and recording videos that made him famous. According to him, a lot depends on the regularity of the content publication. YouTube has a 1 × 4 rule that you must adhere to.

The essence of this rule is extremely simple. The channel author must publish at least 4 videos per month. Videos should be released regularly, such as on Sundays. This will be enough to keep the existing audience and attract a new one. Don’t try to release content on a daily basis. Better think about its quality.

Concentrate On Time Spent Watching Videos.

Search and recommendations within the service are the main sources of new subscribers. YouTube uses many factors to rank videos, but the most important is watch time. If your viewers watch the videos to the end, the service will start recommending them to a wide audience.

It is important to understand that the first 8 seconds of the video are decisive. If you manage to interest the viewer, he will continue watching. For example, if you have a music channel, then start singing immediately after a short greeting. Conversations here will be completely unnecessary. If you want to tell your audience about something, then do it at the end of the video.

Create Playlists

Playlists should be created at the initial stage of channel development. Do this after posting dozens of videos. They will help keep viewers on the channel. Create separate playlists for three types of viewers.

New viewers. This playlist should include the most popular videos on the channel, as well as those that give a clear idea of ​​what you are doing.

Interested in acquiring skills. In this playlist, combine all the tutorials on your channel. Over time, such will appear, regardless of the chosen topic.

Focused on specific topics. Create multiple playlists by sorting most of your videos by specific topics.

Use Pinterest To Promote

Pinterest can attract many new viewers to your channel, so you should definitely not ignore this service. But keep in mind that you need really high-quality and catchy images. If you do not have the appropriate skills to create them, then it is worth investing in the services of a professional designer.

Also, consider investing in advertising on Pinterest. This social service is growing incredibly fast, so the likelihood of a successful marketing campaign is quite high.

Share Your Facebook Channel

Your task is to find 15-20 large Facebook communities with an active audience that will be interested in the topics of your channel. Then just talk about your creativity. Do this as discreetly as possible. You shouldn’t require users to subscribe or like.

If you choose the right communities, you will notice that your follower count will grow noticeably within a few days. These free ad campaigns can be run every few months.

Use Image Boards To Promote

Imageboards are still very popular despite the competition from social media. Moreover, the audience here is quite loyal to unobtrusive advertising and is open to something new. Look for topic threads where you can join the discussion and subtly mention your activities on YouTube. This type of promotion can be used on an ongoing basis, constantly finding new branches.

Create The Right Headlines

It’s easy to create an SEO-friendly video title. First, enter a keyword in the search bar. YouTube will immediately give you the most popular searches. Try to include one of these in your title. But keep in mind that the content of the video must match its title. It definitely makes sense to occasionally create content based on popular search terms.

Translate The Best Videos Into Other Languages

If you have accumulated several really viral videos that have garnered a lot of views, then you should show them to a wider audience. For example, if you create content in Ukrainian, then translate your best work into Russian. In addition, you can try to win over an English-speaking audience. True, for this you need to have a good command of the language. On the other hand, many types of content do not require voice acting. For example, this applies to culinary channels. Just accompany the videos with text comments.

Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be the top providers of new followers for your channel. Create special accounts on each of the social networks where you publish all your videos. Also, do not forget about personal pages. On them, you can share your best work.

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