The 5 Best Antiviruses For MAC In 2021

The 5 Best Antiviruses For MAC In 2021

In the variety of Antivirus for MAC presented among modern software, it is not easy to find a solution that meets all the requirements, and if it comes to a solution on Mac OS, then in general it becomes very difficult. Our security laboratory decided to figure out what is the best antivirus today to install on laptops and PCs under the control of the Mac operating system, which can quickly find programs that pose a threat and improve the existing Apple protection.

1. McAfee LiveSafe Get the Most You Need + More Features

McAfee has the strongest malware protection you can count on for Mac. Passing the check, he identified and stopped the work of programs that could have been inflicted on the device and even simulated ransomware, was able to find hidden keyloggers and “spyware”.

The protection is impressive. It easily passes testing of any level, blocking dangerous and phishing resources that are visited using Safari.

VPN. In this case, there is one “but” for the RF servers, which help to use McAfee as a virtual application, are not provided. Provides protection against the possibility of theft of personal data.

Interesting features of McAfee Antivirus for MAC

  • Online protection against dangerous software for the device.
  • The presence of a scheduler, according to which checks are arranged.
  • Firewall (network).
  • Necessary web protection tools.
  • Anti-phishing capabilities.

McAfee Live Safe is ready to offer a well-functioning anti-malware module that can keep your Mac fully secure. Noteworthy is the work of the firewall, which provides a lot of settings, and protection, which does not let on potentially dangerous resources through Safari. The developers are offered a license for a dozen devices – this number may include those that operate on Windows, as well as smartphones. During the initial year of use, McAfee offers significant discounts and a one-month money-back guarantee.

2. Norton Security – the optimal level of protection

Norton Security offers advanced protection against potentially dangerous software – it will be able to detect most of the latest malware, as confirmed by tests. Scanning using this antivirus is much faster than in other cases – file caching technology is used, which makes it possible to skip those that have already been scanned for this – Intego works in exactly the same way.

The password manager, which is offered as a browser extension, provides the ability to save logins and updated passwords. This feature is extremely useful because the built-in version has significant limitations and is more difficult to use.

Antivirus offers a lot of interesting functions – the panel also displays those that do not work with Mac. Parental control and cloud copying are examples of these options – these features can only be implemented with Windows. All of the above allows us to confidently state that the Norton used for Mac is becoming just a limited option for Windows.

Norton Security is a solid portfolio of features for Mac

  • Browser extension that allows you to provide protection at the proper level.
  • Password control.
  • VPN (unlimited).
  • Removal of viruses on Mac using the proposed tools.

Norton provides browser extensions that work best with Safari. They help prevent entry and block phishing sites, making it even better than Safari’s protection option.

But the rates offered by Norton Security suggest that this is still a bargain. The license is offered for a single technical tool and includes web protection, antivirus solution, VPN and optimization tools. The Deluxe version can offer the user a license option for 5 units with the addition of parental control (besides the Mac), LifeLock will add protection against identity theft and insurance for a million dollars in the event of damage due to data theft (this option is available to residents of the United States).

3. Bitdefender’s Total Security – Ransomware has no chance

The Bitdefender solution has up-to-date options to ensure the safe use of your device. To identify threats, elements of artificial intelligence are used, and therefore harmful to the device is excluded. As a test, a number of dangerous programs were downloaded – the antivirus was able to detect them without any problems.

There is a decent level of web protection. In testing on Safari, these features have been verified by displaying both dangerous links and those that are not, which are not provided by default in Safari.

VPN from this developer is the fastest and easiest of all. True, it is limited to 200 MB / day – this is barely enough for surfing sites, and it’s better not to stutter about watching videos. But the unlimited premium version of the subscription is also not expensive.

Features of Bitdefender- Antivirus for MAC

  • Taking care of the safety of backups;
  • Internet protection;
  • VPN (200Mb / day).

Time Machine’s copy protection is impressive, making it safe for ransomware. Even in the case when the system is suddenly attacked, you can restore all the information, thanks to the presence of a backup copy.

The only plan, Total, is intended to provide protection for Mac, which includes a license provided for 5 devices, not forgetting about Windows and other options.

Antivirus for MAC

Bitdefender for Mac offers a high level of security concern. Internet protection also deserves praise, as well as the guarantee of the safety of backup files, which cannot be found in other antiviruses. Even considering the limited VPN limit, the option is the right choice. It is possible to issue a refund (30 days).

4. Panda Essential for Mac – the optimal solution

Panda Essential for Mac is a basic antivirus solution that demonstrates the optimal level of protection. During testing, the “panda” was able to identify about 98% of malware, but a number of spyware files and one Trojan were missed.

The full check takes about six hours. For comparison: competitors do it in two. In addition to detecting software that is dangerous for the device, the solution offers a number of other functions:

Features of Panda Essential- Antivirus for MAC

  • Protection organized in real time;
  • Control of visits to phishing sites;
  • VPN (150 Mb / day).

During testing, the antivirus was able to block the maximum number of phishing sites. Perhaps the only complaint is a VPN with a limit of 150 MB per day, which does not allow you to choose a server for establishing a connection. If you cannot connect to the nearest one, this will significantly affect the speed. Geo-restricted content will only be available when working with a country server that needs to be unblocked.

The “Premium” plan allows you to count on unlimited VPN with a choice of a connection server and a license for a number of devices, regardless of which operating system they use.

5. ESET NOD32 Cyber ​​Security – the optimal level of protection

We have previously reviewed the best antivirus for Windows – ESET NOD32 Internet Security, but ESET also has a great solution for Mac. The work of the ESET NOD32 Cyber ​​Security antivirus is in the top five: during testing, it found over 99% of dangerous software, deliberately downloaded before the study on a Mac. The set of offered functions is quite huge, but everything you need is still there. This is about:

Features of ESET NOD32- Antivirus Software for MAC

  • Cloud technology ESET Live Grid®
  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Protects the Mac OS platform from malicious applications

The guarantee of the security of online purchases deserves special attention, that is, protection against attacks when working with stores and making online payments.

For its users, ESET Mac is ready to provide a good level of protection against potentially dangerous software and a number of tools to help ensure protection on the network. But the program lacks a sufficient set of functions, as, for example, in the situation with Windows. ESET’s solution can be tested with ESET’s one-month money-back guarantee.


Free antiviruses MAC can be suitable for those who do not keep important information on their devices. If the situation is different and we are talking about bank cards, accounts, documents, and projects, then it is better to part with a small amount and reliably protect the information and the device itself.

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