XDR is the Best Defense for the Future Of Artificial Intelligence. XDR Advantages Over SIEM

XDR is the Best Defense for the Future Of Artificial Intelligence. XDR Advantages Over SIEM

Before we talk about what the XDR platform is, let’s briefly outline what EDR, SIEM, SOAR, UBA / UEBA are. EDR system monitors and detects all events on PCs, mobile phones, servers and prevents threats. EDR is relevant when a threat is already recorded on the device, this tool studies the hazard and takes appropriate action.

Professional crackers are on the alert. Classic antivirus solutions can no longer cope with modern cyber threats. Information security departments regularly deal with the same issues:

  • How to reduce the response time to threats;
  • How to deal with notification congestion;
  • How to learn how to prevent complex multi-stage attacks.

In such a situation, an advanced protection solution is needed. Not so long ago, vendors introduced a new platform that will facilitate the identification, analysis of incidents and help block an attack. The concept will allow information security specialists to see the entire spectrum of threats, even events that were not included in the field of view of security experts. Read more about the new system in our material.

What is XDR?

The main task of the SIEM platform is the process of collecting and analyzing all data in a centralized container. After that, it is possible to work with all the collected information in a single convenient interface.

SOAR analyzes all data, detects incidents, and conducts a response.

UBA / UEBA analyzes user behavior based on a pre-assembled behavioral data structure.

And, in fact, XDR is a platform that combines the functionality of all the above four systems. This combination implies a synergistic effect.

Extended Detection and Response

Advanced detection, response to threats of complex levels, and targeted attacks. The system is aimed at working not only with endpoints, but also focuses on the analysis of network traffic, e-mail, and cloud complex structures. This is a promising technology that appeared not so long ago, in 2018. According to Gartner, XDR is a forward-looking security and risk management solution.

One of the key features of XDR is email verification, as we all know that the lion’s share of cyber threats starts with email. And fixing malicious messages is a must. Thus, XDR is a complete solution with automatic tiered detection on laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and cloud applications. The system also checks user accounts. Next, let’s look at how the XDR platform works How XDR works

All XDR capabilities involve effective security operations, and because the discovery process is expanded, visibility and control is standardized on all end devices, in the network, in the cloud storage.

The system receives and processes telemetry streams. Another feature of XDR is the analysis of the TTP protocol and other various threat streams. This increases the availability of complex processes for security teams that do not have the resources to make point decisions. The main capabilities for threat detection and response include:

  • Identifying and responding to targeted attacks;
  • Built-in support for user behavioral analysis;
  • Analytics of threats, including local and external information about threats;
  • Automatic correlation and warning confirmation option will reduce the need for false positives;
  • Comprehensive analytics.

XDR vs SIEM: the better the XDR system

As already mentioned, most of the capabilities of the SIEM platform include the XDR system. And besides, these are two parallel approaches that pursue the same goal. First, let’s take a look at what SIEM is. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a system that manages information data, security incidents.

With the help of SIEM, data from devices is collected and analyzed, necessary for the operation of the network, security tools. The platform can include programs for monitoring recognition, access control, tools for controlling vulnerabilities, and databases.

SIEM systems, guided by customized correlation instructions, can send alerts, create reports that are needed to audit events. At the same time, it is possible to monitor data using a different degree of detail.

What are the advantages of the XDR platform over SIEM.

XDR analyzes all incidents on the network centrally, generating multiple threat messages. The built-in visual display assumes tracking the history of actions and further consequences for all types of devices. All attack cycles are reviewed, even the “zero patient” – the main source of malware, can be traced. Some experts say that SIEM has evolved slowly over the past 10 years, a promising XDR concept could make a leap in this component.

If we consider these platforms by their main function, then they are different systems. If SIEM collects information, conducts an analytical summary of security, then XDR protects PCs, detects and responds to threats from the Network, servers, clouds, and checks user accounts.

Because XDR runs in the cloud, it simplifies deployment, resulting in lower costs and faster time to value. SIEM, as a local technology, requires large investments and pays off after a while.

The XDR concept does not imply rules that govern the number of incidents to be checked; all events can be analyzed at scale. In addition, XDR integrates with third-party security tools. The SIEM system establishes certain rules, they can be qualitatively different, which will lead to inaccurate and incomplete analysis. The event management system requires lengthy deployment processes and is supported for a long time.

The main advantages of the SentinelOne XDR platform

XDR is a concept that contains products and technologies from a single vendor. One of the leading cybersecurity companies is SentinelOne. Let’s talk about the advantages of the SentinelOne Singularity XDR system.

XDR enables holistic monitoring, automatic detection, and action, a wide range of integrations, and is easy to maintain. A shared codebase, release pattern makes Singularity the first XDR concept to protect IoT and the cloud.

Singularity’s storage protection functionality runs on major Linux platforms, cloud storage, and Kubernetes software. With the help of XDR, all types of cyber threats are identified, prevented, and responded to. Malicious files are fixed, active threats in the cloud and container space are eliminated. Thus, a wide range of methods for automatic detection of threats, elimination of consequences in real-time mode is implemented. To improve threat detection, these Networks are merged into Singularity.

Mcafee XDR Security Benefits

Manufacturer Mcafee offers a robust cyber security solution MVISION XDR. It is a proactive, open architecture SaaS platform. MVISION XDR covers the entire life cycle of a virus attack, including the period before and after the event. The solution results in lower cyber risks increase SOC performance through fast response times and savings of about 95% in threat assessment costs.

The system allows you to effectively manage cyber threats without the need to increase the number of employees. Proactive data collection enables you to stay ahead of attackers by prioritizing threats and making predictive assessments based on MVISION Insights. The open architecture simplifies massive processes and provides regulation of incident response and threat containment. The concept provides for thoughtful work with data – decisions are made quickly due to the presence of automatic investigations along several vectors.


The innovative new XDR concept continues to evolve gradually to provide comprehensive information security. The platform quickly processes a huge array of logs, responds promptly and in a timely manner to incidents. XDR can also be combined with SIEM / SOAR work models to speed up incident handling.

According to experts, the XDR market in the next few years will only develop and improve.

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