How To Find And Remove Miners From Your Computer In 2021

How To Find And Remove Miners From Your Computer In 2021

Keeping your PC secure is a daunting task that not everyone can do. Often, due to an insufficient level of protection, threats of various types can penetrate into the computer, which can disrupt the normal operation of Windows. They need to be identified and removed in a timely manner – otherwise, various kinds of troubles are possible.

The miner is recognized as one of the most widespread viruses in the world today. Many have already encountered it, and today we will tell you how it is possible for you to identify it and remove it yourself, without contacting specialists, and what are the “symptoms” of infection?

What is a miner in computer?

This virus resembles the well-known “Trojans”. The principle of the miner is simple: he needs to be in the system and gain access to the device’s resources. The video card and processor are loaded to the limit – and all in order for someone to receive income, which is calculated in bitcoins. That is, the income of the one who “launched” the virus is based on the power of your PC. Not only is this unfair – such an alignment is simply dangerous for the owner of the computer.

What is the infection technology

Infection can occur as follows:

when using a browser. For example, a user finds himself on an infected site – the miner is loaded and immediately begins to act. There is another, softened, option – the miner works only when a person is present on the infected resource, and then everything is normalized;

when downloading some files and installing software. In this situation, the threat, first of all, can penetrate into Windows and then become active.

One way or another, but today the user cannot do without anti-virus programs that can track down most threats and cure the PC of them, since even those who are extremely careful have a risk of infection.

How to identify miners in computer

There are a number of ways to help identify a threat and respond in time to its presence. Checking your PC for miners must be performed in the following situations:

The device “slows down”. Opening the task manager, you can make sure that the processor load is constantly between 60% and full. The miner overloads the video card, which becomes obvious when opening programs where the% load is displayed – for example, GPU-Z. The load level of a video card is also determined by ear – when it increases, the cooler rotates faster and makes noise. Touching the video card, you can feel that it is overheating.

sometimes you can observe an increased consumption of RAM, which is also obvious when studying the information of the device manager, traffic consumption increases, important files may disappear or be deleted by themselves.

The computer periodically disconnects from the Internet and slows down when entering some sites. If one of the above signs is present, you should check the device for the presence of miners.

Preparing for verification

Before starting a scan, you need to download an antivirus and install it. Of course, it’s best to have the option already installed.

It is recommended to use solutions from ESET, specifically, this is ESET NOD32 Internet Security, which today is the best solution for protecting and searching for miners, if you have not yet installed this product, we recommend purchasing this ESET Internet Security antivirus.

The second tool that will be needed is the Ccleaner utility, which tidies up Windows, removes garbage. If you have these products, then we can proceed with the removal.

Scan for miners viruses in automatic mode

Checking for the presence of a miner begins with starting and scanning the computer using antivirus. ESET NOD32 Internet Security antivirus is quite easy to use, you need to download and install the distribution kit from the official website, enter the ESET license key that you purchased from us after the update will start, and scan your comouter or laptop for viruses, everything that is found will be automatically deleted or hindered. quarantine at your request.

After scanning, you need to run the Ccleaner program. It works in semi-automatic mode, you need to select the items that you want to do, and then the program will automatically fix everything and remove all remaining garbage on Windows 10.

After completing points one and two, you must reboot the device without fail.

Manual Threat Detection in computer

The search for miners is also carried out manually. You need to activate the “task manager” and go to “Processes” (Windows 7) or “Details” (Windows 10).

Further actions are performed according to the following algorithm:

It is required to identify a process that consumes resources more than others. More often than not, it hides under a strange name, which consists of a random set of letters and symbols. Thus, we find out how resource consumption is carried out.

Then you need to open the registry (Win + R) and enter Regedit by entering the registry editor.

Then, when using the Ctrl + F keys, the name of the process is entered, which was determined at the initial stage, the “Find” key is activated, a search is carried out in the registry.

All records containing commands for activating the virus are determined and then deleted. Upon completion, the computer must be restarted.

Unfortunately, this method also has disadvantages, including inattention to the roots of viruses. Fighting them is sometimes beyond the power of even advanced users. And the virus can be reactivated.

How will you protect yourself from computer miners in the future?

If you have chosen the automatic removal method, you do not need to do anything else, ESET NOD32 Internet Security already has built-in protection and will not miss a single malware for more than a year. If you nevertheless decide on the second removal method, then you still need to purchase an antivirus or install a trawl version that will protect your hardware even for a short period.

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