Why You Should Use A VPN And What Does It Do?

Why You Should Use A VPN And What Does It Do?

Our company mobile devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. they usually manage and access confidential information that we must protect adequately. To do this, we must take some precautions to keep these devices and their ”precious” content safe.

Benefits Of A VPN: It lets You Work Remotely

We must take extreme precautions when we are outside our usual work environment, such as in meetings, trips, conferences, etc., protecting our devices with different tools that increase their security, the data they contain and the communications we make with them.

One of the security tools that we can implement in our mobile devices is the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN (Virtual Private Network). We will use these tools when we need to access confidential information remotely from our company, and the network we are using does not offer sufficient security guarantees, some of the most common cases: public Wi-Fi of a hotel, connection offered by the organizers of the congress we attend, teleworking, by connecting two offices, … For those looking to ensure maximum security, it’s worth considering options from top VPN providers.

The connections established using VPN protect the information that is exchanged, since they establish a «tunnel» or encrypted communication channel between our device and our workplace where our confidential data «travels» safely. When we connect to one of these networks, our equipment or device is virtually connected to our work network, that is, it connects as if it were another team of our local work network, in a totally transparent way for the user.

Advantages Of Using A VPN:

These networks offer great advantages such as:

  • Data encryption and connection, guaranteeing that all the information we transmit will be secure.
  • The confidentiality and integrity of the information is ensured. As it is encrypted, the information cannot be read, modified or altered during transmission.
  • Greater security. Information is only transmitted between authorized and configured devices.
  • Access restrictions. To access these networks, we must be authorized to do so, having to enter an authorized username and password.
  • Scalability It is easy to increase the number of users who can use it.

Disadvantages Of Its Using A VPN:

There are also some disadvantages in using VPNs, which we must take into account:

  • It is a service that must be installed, configured and put into operation, which entails an economic cost.
  • The company network must be restructured and configured to be able to access it, which implies modifications by our service or communications provider.
  • Mobile devices accessing the VPN network must be configured. And to the users who use it, they must be provided with a certificate and a user / password to access the service.

When To Use Them?

In general, this type of network should be used when we need to establish confidential communication, and the network we are using does not offer sufficient security guarantees.

We Will Use This Type Of VPN Network In The Following Cases:

  • When we use public or unreliable networks, such as Wi-Fi networks of hotels, coffee shops, airports, etc. These networks can be very dangerous for the confidentiality of our data, since anyone who is connected to the same network, can ”spy” on our communications.
  • When we need to access the company’s corporate resources, such as printers, documents, database servers, specific applications, etc.
  • When we need to carry out confidential operations, such as access to certain services such as databases, online banking or billing, which involve the transmission of users, passwords, bank details or any other confidential information.
  • When we want to interconnect separate networks safely. Different buildings or geographically separated offices, equipment used in teleworking with the office. All this as if it were the same network without having to hire a dedicated connection line exclusively
  • When we make use of teleworking, even from home. Private networks are not as secure as professional ones.

Although the use of VPN networks involves an initial installation and configuration cost, it undoubtedly offers great advantages. In this way, we will better protect the confidentiality of information when we are away from our workplace.

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