How To Create An Instagram Business Account And Make It More Advanced

How To Create An Instagram Business Account And Make It More Advanced

Business accounts on Instagram open up much more opportunities for users. For example, the owners of such pages get access to detailed statistics and tools for quick communication with customers. In addition, users are given the opportunity to promote publications directly from the application, which is convenient. This tutorial will show you how to create an Instagram business account. Also here you will find valuable tips on how to make your page more attractive to potential customers.

How to create an Instagram business account

The ability to create Instagram business accounts is free for all businesses and brands. Today, more than 15 million such accounts are registered on the social network. For many companies, this is the main promotion tool. The fact is that in Instagram, the main thing is the visual component, and this is a goldmine for marketers because in such an environment it is very easy to increase brand awareness.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of switching to a business account is access to Instagram Insights tools. They allow you to get detailed statistics about user actions. For example, you can find out what hours your target audience is most active. With this information, you can deliver your content to potential customers on time.

In addition, a business account allows advertising campaigns using Facebook tools. You also get a great customer feedback tool. The link button will be located at the top of the profile, so users do not have to search for your contacts in the description.

There is nothing difficult about creating an Instagram business account. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should do.

1. Download the Instagram app

You can also register a new account in the web version, but in the application, this procedure will be faster and more convenient. To avoid misunderstandings in the future, it is better to use not your personal smartphone, but the one that will be used for marketing purposes.

2. Create a new account for Instagram Business

To get started, you need a regular account. You can turn it into a business page later. Please use your business email to register as you will receive many letters in the future.

3. Select a name for the profile

The app will suggest profile names based on the name you entered during registration. However, you can change the name to whatever you want. Take this step as seriously as possible. You can just use your company name or play with it creatively.

4. Subscribe to the pages of other companies

Next, the application will prompt you to subscribe to other users. You can start following successful brands. Initially, this will help attract an audience, but the effect will be marginal. By the way, you can skip this step, but it’s better to subscribe to multiple subscriptions.

5. Upload your profile picture

Now it’s time to upload your business profile photo. Please note that brand awareness is one of the main goals when promoting on social media, therefore it is recommended to use a logo. Of course, you can style it, but make sure that it does not affect the recognition.

6. Switch to a business account

To do this, you need a Facebook business page. You can create it here. Go to your profile settings and click Switch to Company Profile. Then give consent for the app to manage your Facebook profile. After that, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of business accounts.

7. Enter basic information

Before you start posting photos and videos, it is worth giving potential clients basic information about your company. Click on your main profile photo and go to the “Edit” section. Please note that information should be submitted in the most condensed form since Instagram limits the page description to only 150 characters.

8. Start filling the page with content

Now you can start designing your first posts. To upload a new photo or video, simply click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Also, do not forget about stories, because their popularity is growing every day.

How to improve the quality of your posts – Instagram Business

Maintaining an Instagram profile is a mixture of hard work and sheer creativity. Keep in mind that both components are equally important, so get ready for the fact that often you will not only have to create but also do rather boring things. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your profile more attractive to customers.

1. Select a grid layout

You should not post photos in a chaotic manner. Posts should be strictly sorted by content type. For example, rows of photos should alternate with rows of pictures with texts. You can also post your posts in a checkerboard or any other order that looks good. To achieve this, it is worth using a special scheduler application. For example, Preview: Planner for Instagram does a great job with this task.

2. Select the main theme

If you study the promoted profiles on Instagram, you will notice that their owners adhere to someone’s topic. This is really important because this approach allows you to build a loyal audience that will be interested in what you do. Choose the main topic for your publications and a few additional ones that you will pay much less attention to.

3. Select one filter

To make your profile more recognizable, you should use one filter for all posts. Exceptions are allowed, but only occasionally. Using different filters will destroy everything that we have achieved in the previous paragraphs.

4. Post your photos in the correct order

Multiple photos may look great individually, but disgusting next to each other. This should definitely be taken into account. You can check how the posts fit together using the scheduler apps mentioned above.

5. Choose a color scheme

Choose 2-3 colors that must be present in every published photo. This is optional for beginners, but you should aim for just that. Of course, this approach greatly complicates the work, but it makes the profile really stylish.

6. Watch the background

In terms of background, you can use two opposite strategies that work equally well. In the first case, it must act as a part of the composition. For example, you can use several variations of it but stick to the same style. In the second case, the background should be as neutral as possible so as not to distract the subjects.

7. Use frames

White frames are very popular today, which give the impression that your profile is unique because they can be used to change the aspect ratio of pictures or increase the borders between them. But this is not the only option. You can use other frames as well if you have some really original ideas.

8. Watch for quality

It may sound trite, but every photo you publish should be of the highest quality possible. And there can be no exceptions here. Even if you have some completely unique image of low quality, you cannot publish it. As a last resort, try to save him with photo editors.

9. Use natural light

Artificial lighting is not a good idea for Instagram, as it often causes problems with applying filters. Sunrise and midday are the best times to shoot. It is worth equipping a home photo studio near the window.

How to improve the quality of Stories – Instagram Business

Stories are an equally important type of content, so you should pay maximum attention to their quality. Fortunately, Instagram provides many useful tools for creating stories. Here are some tips to take on board.

1. Create Stories for a limited circle of users

This can be useful not only for personal profiles but also for business accounts. For example, you can make an offer to some specific customers. Use the Close Friends feature to create such a story.

2. Use text editing tools

Instagram provides great tools for working with text in Stories. You can use not only different fonts but also many interesting effects. For example, neon lighting looks great on a dark background.

3. Share your posts in Stories

Instagram lets you share any of your existing Stories posts. For example, this feature can be used to reanimate unsuccessful posts that have not received adequate coverage.

4. Communicate with your audience

You can use the Questions sticker, which allows users to ask you something. It is one of the best tools to keep your customer feedback back. The fact is that this is not perceived as an official address, but rather as a friendly communication.

5. Share links to tracks on Spotify

This function has appeared relatively recently, so not everyone knows about its existence. Now you can easily link to any track directly in your Stories.

6. Experiment with font sizes

Poor readability of texts in stories is one of the main problems for many users. You can improve this component not only by changing the color but also by adjusting the font size. This often works even better.

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