Top Instagram Marketing Tools For The Informed Marketer

Top Instagram Marketing Tools For The Informed Marketer

What would digital marketers be without free Instagram marketing tools? They de-stress us, they help us organize, they allow us to make the most of the presence of the brands we manage and in general, they make our lives much easier.

At Numerical Blog we have already talked about free marketing tools for Facebook, Twitter, and content, with this article we are going to deal with another fundamental network: Instagram Marketing.

Tools for Instagram marketing: design

Instagram is one of the most visual networks, so having a careful image is essential. These tools will help you make your photos stand out.

1) Canva for Instagram Marketing

Canva is a great application to bring out the artist inside you without the need for specialized knowledge. The idea is to create the best images in the easiest way possible. To achieve this, you have various effects, icons, image frames, blurring, stickers and more. You no longer have an excuse not to give your feed an extra touch.

2) A Color Story

This marketing tool for Instagram is the ideal photo editor to give your feed a touch of color. This editor has over 100 different filters and effects to help you make your photos stand out, and they’re super cute! Although the basic version is free, if you like it it may be worth investing in some of its filter and effects packages, which cost between $ 0.99 and $ 2.99.

3) InShot

In recent years, video has been gaining more and more weight on Instagram. So if you want to succeed on this network, we recommend that you use a good video editor, like InShot.

InShot allows you to merge videos, add your brand, put music on them, blur the background, and other super useful functions. Thus, it will be very easy to polish your video publications or your videos on Instagram Stories. And also, you can also use this same tool for your photos.

4) Preview presets for Instagram Marketing

If what you want is not to complicate your life, but you are fed up with the default filters of Instagram, this Preview tool is your solution. Presets provides 16 pre-designed filters to create different environments for your photos: colorful, brown, grunge, natural … A very simple way to add value to your photos without having to suffer too much.

5) PicFlow

A very simple and intuitive free tool to create 15-second image galleries for Instagram. You just have to choose your photos and music and decide the passage time of each image. You can also customize the transitions between them. Free marketing tools for Instagram: management
These free tools for Instagram help you have an active presence without complicating your life too much

6) Repost

Organically, Instagram does not allow you to republish an image or video of another user on your profile. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

The application that solves this problem is Repost. With this app you will be able to very simply, intuitively and mentioning the original author, publish a photo from another source in your Feed. So you can efficiently manage your brand, company or name on social networks.

7) Hootsuite for Instagram

Hootsuite is one of the preferred marketing tools for digital marketers, as it allows you to organize your entire online presence, schedule and publish posts, and view statistics from one place. Of course, you should bear in mind that due to the recent changes to the Instagram API, there are some options that are no longer available, such as following or unfollowing users from Hootsuite

8) Later

Later is one of the star applications when it comes to scheduling posts, and many bloggers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs use it. Its ”free forever” plan allows you to schedule up to 30 photos per month. If you need more functionality, payment plans start at $ 9 a month.

9) Instagram Feed Planner

A WordPress plugins that allows you to display images that any public Instagram account on your website. You can combine several accounts in the same feed or create separate feeds. If you use WordPress, Instagram Feed Planner is a fantastic option to highlight your Instagram on your website and get more attention and followers.

10) ShortStack For Instagram marketing

Contests on Instagram are a very popular option to attract attention and interactions. With this tool you can take advantage of the content generated by users, encouraging them to publish a photo with a hashtag to participate. The free version allows an unlimited number of contests and up to 100 participants.

11) Gleam

Another option is to organize contests based on Instagram marketing. This tool creates an Instagram widget that you can add to your website and use to attract visitors to your account; for example, you can have them follow you or see a certain post to enter the contest.

12) Planoly

One of my favorite tools to use on Instagram is Planoly. This allows you to manage, plan and schedule your Instagram posts from the comfort of your computer or your mobile. Recently, the app has announced that it will automatically post on Instagram; thus freeing up some of your time.

This nice tool lets you move the photos inside a dashboard so that you can create a cohesive Feed. This is great if you have hundreds of images on hand and do not know how to program them throughout the week so that between them they are as colorful as possible visually. In other words, the progression of photos is consistent in shades, brightness, and theme.

13) All Hashtag

It is a hashtags search engine for different social networks, such as Instagram. Hashtags are everywhere and are the easiest and most direct way to find new potential users aligned with your brand, service, or company.

Based on the keywords of your sector, this app generates different possibilities for hashtags for your publications. For example, if you enter ”travel” in the tool and select the ”top” option, the app suggests the 30 most relevant hashtags that contain that word. Then you can copy and put them directly on your next photo or video.

The Instagram marketing plan is essential to guide your promotional actions and ensure that they respond to your business objectives. It is not about ”being on the Internet”, but using all the tools that online marketing puts at your fingertips to enhance your brand and increase profits. 

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