Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy In 10 Steps

Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy In 10 Steps

In the event that you need your business to keep developing in the 21st century, you should have a Digital Marketing Strategy. Advanced promoting contains the best techniques for arriving at important leads inspired by your business. On the off chance that you don’t have a computerized advertising marketable strategy set up, this is the ideal opportunity to make yours!

Digital Marketing Strategy In 10 Steps

Here are digital marketing strategies steps to improve your business

1. The environment: market and competition for best digital marketing strategy

The first step in developing a good digital marketing strategy is to understand the environment in which we operate. To do this, it is necessary to thoroughly study the market and competition: characteristics and trends of the sector, benchmarking of competitors and analysis of weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. Finally, we must find our USP (“unique selling proposition”): that which distinguishes our product and places it in a unique place with respect to the competition.

2. Hearing in Digital Marketing

Marketing tools provide many possibilities for audience segmentation, but to take advantage of them it is essential to be very clear who we are targeting. Therefore, the next step will be to clarify who our target is.

Demography is an essential first step in defining the audience, but it is not enough. We need to understand what their needs and motivations are and how they communicate and interact online, in order to define the best communication channels and digital marketing strategies to reach them. For this, we can take advantage of the multiple tools for digital market studies, more or less sophisticated depending on the budget.

3. Objectives

Having defined the two previous points, we come to a key question for the success of our online marketing plan: what do we want to achieve? The online objectives must be aligned with the global digital marketing strategy of our business. Some examples may be generating clients for our new product, increasing the repetition rate and recommendation of existing clients, increasing the number of positive mentions to the brand or increasing traffic to our online store.

When setting the goals of the plan, I think it is very useful to take into account the English acronym SMART, since the objectives should be …

  • Specific: specific.
  • Measurable: measurable.
  • Achievable: achievable.
  • Realistic: realistic.
  • Time-bound: time-bound.

4. Strategies and creativity

We are now ready to move to the center of our plan: strategy and creativity. The Digital marketing strategy gives us a global vision of the different actions that we must carry out to establish a link with the client that directs us towards the objectives that we have defined, based on the conclusions of the previous points.

To organize it, it is very useful to divide the actions according to the different stages of the conversion funnel: logically, it is not the same to communicate with someone who has never heard of us than with a regular customers. With the defined strategy, the time has come to dress it with creativity so that our message goes further.

5. Sales process

Leaning on the strategy that we have defined, we are going to specify what our digital sales process is like. If we can close the sale with an online purchase, it is relatively easy to define a series of steps that the user must go through on our website before becoming a customer. If instead the characteristics of our business do not allow ecommerce, we will need to define other ways to link sales to our online communication, for example, through lead generation.

digital marketing

6. Loyalty

Once we have managed to convert the user into a customer, one of the most interesting challenges of the online marketing plan comes: loyalty. If we think that it costs several times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one, it is evident that paying attention to this part of our plan is very profitable. Do not forget to take advantage of the potential of cookies to learn about the habits and interests of your customers and offer them what they need most just at the right time.

7. Budget

The time has come to talk about money. How to define the budget of your online communication actions? The most usual thing is to divide the investment between different channels (web, search engine, social networks …). To get it right, we have to adequately anticipate which ones will have the greatest impact on our audience during the next stage, so it is essential to be up to date with industry trends.

8. Technology and media

In terms of technology, the online medium offers endless possibilities that also continue to grow every day. How to choose the best tools to carry out our digital marketing plan? There is no single answer, but if we are clear about our budget, the expected return on investment and the places where our audience interacts, we will have a lot of money when deciding. Do not hesitate to be guided by an expert who can thoroughly explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

9. The KPIs

We already have our plan almost ready, but we cannot forget an absolutely essential part: the measurement of results.

To define the success of our online actions, we must have controlled a series of KPIs or ”key performance indexes”. These are metrics that are directly associated with the results of our business and that we can easily obtain through the numerous digital statistical tools. An example of KPI could be the cost for acquiring a new client from our ecommerce.

10. Analysis of results

You already have your online marketing plan in place, but your work is not over yet. Establishing periodic checks of your KPIs and analyzing the results based on them is essential to know which actions are most successful and to continue improving your plan every day. Good luck!


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