Do’s And Don’ts When Using Digital Marketing

Do’s And Don’ts When Using Digital Marketing

How to use digital marketing correctly? You need to develop good digital marketing strategies to make a presence on the web and give your brand authority. Some companies have made mistakes when using digital marketing with negative results in their campaigns.

It is important to learn how to use digital marketing properly and avoid any misuse, thus guaranteeing positive results. Let’s know what are the mistakes that we must avoid and what are things that we must implement when using digital marketing.

How to use digital marketing to grow your business?

To use digital marketing correctly you have to analyze your environment and define your objectives; know the current market situation and the situation of your business. In addition, you must include how your business has been received on social networks if you have them.

Once you have these clear points, you can use digital marketing strategies such as:

Content marketing

With this type of marketing strategy, you will be able to reach the public through useful, relevant, and valuable content.

Each content must fulfill the function of the conversion funnel; In other words, they will go through discovery and comparison that will encourage them to buy and build loyalty with the brand.

Participation Marketing

It consists of inviting the public to participate in your social networks, forums, among other means. With this strategy, you will make customers realize how good your service or product is; since they will be able to win raffles to test the products or services, in addition to expressing their appreciation for them.

Video marketing

Audiovisual content has been proven to capture customers’ attention much more strongly than in other ways. In this case, tutorials or testimonials are usually created, including, of course, topics that relate to your services or products.

Videos can be the fundamental tool for the customer to decide to make a purchase decision.


The strategies used by neuromarketing study and analyze the emotions of users to buy a certain product or service. People’s reactions tend to be different depending on the stimulus, which is why neuromarketing is a useful tool.

This will allow us to determine what color, shape, letter, among other factors, positively stimulate people; the objective is to capture the user’s attention so that they become a customer of the brand.

Mistakes in digital marketing to avoid

The mistakes that we must avoid when using digital marketing in our strategies are:

Not defining your buyer persona

In order to offer better products or services, you must have specified what type of a person it will be directed to, who is your fictitious client. So you can have data such as socioeconomic, online behavior, shopping habits, etc.

Not giving importance to SEO

If you don’t have good SEO, clients won’t be able to find you on the web; set keywords so you’re quick to get.

Spam customers

If you want to be seen by the public you must avoid invasive advertising; try to carry out quality advertising, with valuable content, that contributes something to your brand. Try not to use the banners too much or you will be annoying for the users.

Correct the mistakes when using digital marketing and you will notice how your sales increase and your brand begins to have a positive footprint in electronic media.

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