What Are KPIs?

What Are KPIs?

Like so many other terms used in marketing, KPIs are the acronyms in English corresponding to the expression Key Performance Indicators. And adapted to a less technical language, they are the metrics with which we know the results of a certain action or strategy based on predetermined objectives.

Characteristics of the KPIs

The metrics established as KPIs in the company do not have to be reviewed every day, but they do have to always contribute to the positive development of the activity. Therefore, to know if we have defined a KPI well, we recommend that it meet the following characteristics:

It will show the objective of the company. It was born with a clear condition of improving aspects of the company that may be key to its growth.

The management of the company defines them. They will be responsible for deciding in which direction the strategies must go to improve the metrics they want to see reinforced to obtain better performance. Depending on the company’s level, these decisions can be made by consensus between management and those responsible for different areas.

They will be measurable. Essential requirements. Indispensable requirements. Either in selling tangible products or the user’s time on our website. We must always be able to measure our impact on the public to know if we are reaching the established quotas.

Based on real and achievable data. Let’s be honest with ourselves. It is about improving but knowing the base from which we start. Establish real objectives with the data you have and set goals that can be achieved or that will be difficult for any strategy to achieve.

Relevant. Measuring everything is unnecessary, but only what will provide us with information of interest. Therefore, do not waste time and focus on measuring the results of the areas you are most interested in improving.

They lead to action. They must seek the involvement of workers to improve and achieve the objectives set by managers. Therefore they must also be understandable.

KPIs and social networks

Many companies’ objectives are now achieved through social networks, where it is easier to reach many people. Therefore, establishing these metrics in social networks becomes an essential option within the KPIs.

Thus, the objectives that we can set ourselves to achieve these KPIs can be to increase the number of followers or ‘likes’ to our page, clicks on publications, interactions, and the number of times our content is shared…

An endless number of objectives would be easily measurable and provide useful information. The important thing is always to measure to know how we are growing.

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