Guide: How To Choose a Web Design Professional

Guide: How To Choose a Web Design Professional

web design: A website is one of the essential ways to expand your business. Not only will you create an online presence, but you will also provide information (and sometimes help) to future potential customers. Therefore, knowing the advantages of a web page and choosing the correct web design professional is essential.

However, today many people with businesses are reluctant to invest in a website. The most common is to hear the typical “If I’m not going to sell anything online.” Big mistake. As a professional in web design, it is essential to have a website nowadays. Whether you are going to monetize it or not.

A website is generally not created primarily to sell. If you notice, some of the major product factories do not sell but give information related to the product they sell. That information is more than vital.

Why should you hire a web page design?

Imagine a hardware store website that, even not selling on the Internet, informs about its products and, perhaps, has a guide to the types of screws they sell and their uses (it is a bit silly, but it is very easy to understand ).
In addition to notifying the potential customer of the products it sells, this website provides additional useful information for readers.

This helps potential readers and customers in two ways:

Inform about the products you sell. For example, if I expressly go to a place to buy something specific and they don’t have it, I will surely go to another store to buy it and, in the future, I will remember the last store more than the first.
If you inform about the products you sell online, you will save time and work with the client directly or indirectly.

You help the reader with additional information. With guides or various articles related to your niche, you will help the reader. This, in addition to being beneficial for the user, will be for you. Google loves quality content and will value your content by making you rank higher. It should be said that the web designer will rarely update the content of your page. As is logical, he does not have to have notions of your company’s subject.

These are two of the three most important reasons you should have a website. The third is just as important as the previous ones and is the image of your company on the Internet.

These are key to creating your website, and it is not a joke that, if you do not have it, your company will not show the attitude and professionalism that, anyway, you do have.

Once the value of a website has been explained and understood, it is not only necessary to call the web designer and have him do it. That would be the first step. The second is to convince yourself that you should work on the content of your website and make it bigger.

As a web designer, I have had websites that have left them lying around without updating when they are finished. Even warning them of the danger of leaving a website, they have thought, “Bah, it’s done, so I’m going to add new content every month.” The reason is that Google rewards new and relevant content over old and outdated content. If you do not add new content, your page can be penalized and lower positions in the Google ranking.

If you want your website to appear when certain words (keywords) are searched in Google, there is no other than to make new, relevant, and original content (not copied). This implies that customers who already know the address will come to your website, but you will attract new audiences, and of those, 80% will be future buyers.

And as an optional reason is a website created specifically to sell your products. What can I say about this Sell your products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—the future of stores.

After this introduction and explaining the most important characteristics you should look at before hiring a web designer, I have to warn you of the “smoke sellers. ” These are designers, more from art than from programming and marketing, who sell very visually attractive web pages but have not been adequately treated to position in Google. In the end, you will have a beautiful website but without half of its potential unlocked. So they will have sold you half of a website, and you will have paid as if it were one.

This error is impossible to see if you are not on the subject. It is best to find out about the web designer’s knowledge, either by asking him (do not worry, if the designer has nothing to hide, he will tell you his qualities with pride) or by recommendation of experienced acquaintances.

In my case, the web pages I make are designed both outside and inside. Google always likes them and rates them well above the rest of the competition.

Working more on the webs, creating quality content, and carrying out marketing campaigns will increase this score. And the consequent advancement in the SERP followed by an increase in visits.

After all, 97% of searches are done on Google, so you have to be happy.

This short guide is intended to provide you with a series of notions that you should familiarize yourself with when choosing a web design professional. Therefore, if we follow a series of guidelines well, this choice will be reflected in the final result.

Why invest in a website?

In case it has not been clear to you why invest in a web page, we summarize it in 7 points:

  • You will have enhanced your corporate image.
  • Your competition will be above you if you don’t have a website.
  • Being a store, your productivity will increase (you can sell at any time).
  • You will reach people from all over Spain at any time. Online = always available.
  • You will position yourself much better in the market.
  • You will save on big advertising costs. Internet advertising is cheaper.
  • You will offer your clients additional information. Sooner or later, they will thank you.

As you can see, the potential obtained from a website is great. Think about whether any of the reasons above is not an advantage for your business model or personal portfolio.

How to choose a web design professional


It is one of the simplest. You can see the author’s portfolio and see if you like the style that he follows. It is also very important to value the first conversations with the designer. This is your chance if you have noticed empathy and the desire to do a good job. Don’t let it get away. It sure reflects what you want to convey on the page.


What good is a website with a good design if it does not fulfill its purpose?
It must present the information structured to feel comfortable navigating it.
It is also applicable to the utility of the page. It is worth asking yourself, what functions can be useful for our customers or users? The professional in web design will often advise you of what functionalities may be interesting for your page.
In my case, a mobile technical inspection company recently commissioned me a calendar to notify their clients of future inspections. I added the possibility of seeing each event separately with the location data (Google Maps map included) and a photo for a better orientation of your clients.


What can be said about the price? As with all purchases, ask for several estimates and choose based on what you want, your possibilities, and the designer’s impression. Discard web designer who charges 2 dollars. Most of the time, what costs little contributes little value.

Search engine optimization

Web design positioning is crucial if we want our website to appear among the first in Google Search Engine. It is as simple as a better position – more visits. And visits bring with them the ultimate goal of a page, acting as a gateway to your brand. Among several parameters, it is convenient to evaluate why words will be tried to position and how much money we want to spend.

For the web of stores or brands, positioning is essential. Get new opportunities or exploit the business on the Internet.

Content management

The content can be divided into two subcategories:

Fixed content: it is the content that you will have to contact the administrator of the page if you want to modify. It is the most economical sense, and once it is completed, there is no need to re-create new content.

Variable content: it is the one that the owner of the website can change directly through an administration panel. It is the most complicated since it requires constant content publication, but it is also the most valuable. Everything good costs.

Flash and animations

Nowadays, the way of viewing the pages has become very comfortable. What better way to explain the role we perform through images and animations automatically displayed to the user. It will be one characteristic that has always seemed crucial to give the website a “soul.” The web designer will know which effects and animations will be suitable and integrate them into the web design.

As a professional in web design, We advise you not to accept web pages without responsive style. It is a huge mistake.

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