How To: Connect The Mobile Phone To TV

How To: Connect The Mobile Phone To TV

You want to watch Netflix from mobile phone to TV and you have every right. We will also suggest you a guide to achieve a mobile connection to a TV, quickly and without “troublesome” procedures.

How do I connect my cell phone to the TV wirelessly?

Connecting a mobile phone to a Smart TV

If you have a smart TV, everything is very easy, without tangled cables on your feet. The only requirement for connecting mobile to a TV is to support DLNAorMiracast / AirPlay. Let’s take a look at the options we have for a wireless charger or TV connection with mobile:


With DLNA you can actually stream using an application. What stand out is the Case to TV that will show you a browser to play any video you want on TV, the DLNA browser, the web Video Cast for iOS and Android, the Hi-Fi Cast + DLNA for Android, and Kodi for iOS and Android. 

Miracast / AirPlay

The second option is integrated into your mobile. All you have to do is connect to the home network and find in the TV settings menu the function of wireless projection e.g. Screen Mirroring. Then you should find the same function that your mobile phone has with the same standard e.g. “Screen Mirroring” and activate it. This will find the compatible device to connect to the TV screen. In this process, the only small obstacle is the name of the model of your TV e.g. if it is LG it is “SmartShare”, Samsung as “Smart View” etc. 

This connection feature is called Miracast on Android devices and AirPlay on iOS. The good news for iPhones is that on the latest LG, Sony, or Samsung TVs the AirPlay2 function is now integrated so you can connect iPhone to TV via AirPlay without the need for an Apple TV. Try it!

1. Connect iPhone to AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV

2. Open Control Center and find Screen Mirror

3. Connect to AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV and enter a PIN

Wireless TV with mobile phone via Chromecast

An all-time classic solution is theGoogle Chromecast that plays on bothiOSandAndroid. For this, you will need a Chromecast device that actually connects your TV and gives it internet access. Then you download Google Home on your mobile and sync it with the “Cast screen/audio” setting and you are ready. Of course, the Chromecast may already be on your TV, perhaps in the soundbar, and you may not have to pay extra to buy the device. 

Wired connection: HDMI cable from mobile phone to TV

First of all, it is a myth that HDMI is the cable that connects cell phones to TV. It also needs a cable and an adapter as a “bridge” of communication.

Now, if your TV is old and does not support HDMI, but DisplayPort, DVI, or VGA, then you will probably need an import cable.

If your TV is newer and you already have HDMI, you are missing the FoneFX Type-C Adapter to HDMI 3 in 1. It has an HDMI port to connect your phone to Xbox, monitor, or TV, without the need for an installer, thanks to the plug-and-play function. This adapter is priced at € 24.99 and will be a real multi-tool in your hands since it also has two USB ports.

This way you can even achieve a mobile connection to a non-smart TV. Besides, your mobile phone has all the “intelligence” it needs and the iRepair E-shop has the accessories to make it happen. Good streaming!

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