Making Money Online: 6 Real Ways That Work In Practice

Making Money Online: 6 Real Ways That Work In Practice

The Internet is one of the most revolutionary inventions in the world. Not only because you have all the possible information in the world in the palm of your hand, but also because it provides opportunities that previous generations could only dream of. One of them is the freedom and opportunity to make money online.

Not so long ago, since the 1989 revolution, when people had one or two jobs in their lifetime and when the situation at the time didn’t help much to have their own business. But today everything is different. The only question that remains is how to make money on the Internet or through marketing and what you will need for that.

How to make money online nowadays?

Do you know how many instructions there are about making money online? I don’t know, but I estimate thousands if not millions. In a word – LOT.

And they have a hook. One problem is that most of them are hidden sales article that tries to persuade you to take a not-quite-cheap online course on making money online.

The second problem is that you will also find lists with dozens of ways to make money. But most of them don’t really make you money at all. For example, blogging.

In fact, blogging won’t earn you a penny. No one will pay you to put in a few hours of writing effort, after which you nervously press the publish button in the hope that as many people as possible will read it.

What you earn is a way to monetize your Corporate blog. And that’s a big difference. There is not much talk about it, so we will talk more about it in a moment.

Therefore, this article will not be about hundreds of ways to make money. And not how fast or a day to make a lot of money. There are ways to make a lot of money, but they are not easy or fast. If it was that easy, everyone would make decent money or be a millionaire. But it is possible. 

If you don’t realize these 4 things, don’t even start a business online 

It takes time

Not even Rome was built in one day. Your online business will be no different. Although there are quality tutorials that allow you to do a lot on your own and save money (or use a variety of freelancers and experts to do it for you), it will still take time. You’ll work things through while you come across golden eggs. Something won’t work. Something yes. Either way, the results usually come later.

It will be a risk 

Are you willing to accept the fact that business is a risk and nothing in it is certain? If not, you should not go into it.

Don’t just do it for money 

Yes, money is great. But like fire, they are a good servant, but an evil lord. For example, I don’t see anything wrong with doing something to make a living, or just doing something just because you see it as an opportunity to earn money. On the other hand, the activity you embark on should entertain and fill you at least a little. For example, I know how to make websites through WordPress. And web design makes a decent living. Well, I don’t do it. Why? Because I almost don’t like it at all.

You need to know when to stop

Psychologists have discovered one dangerous human tendency, which they called sunk cost fallacy . The point is, if you invest your time, money, or energy in something, even if you don’t succeed, in the hope that it will be better, you are willing to invest even more time, money, and energy in it. 

Therefore, gamblers again bet more money in the hope that the next win will return all previous losses. Therefore, people remain in dysfunctional relationships and invest more energy in them, even though it leads nowhere. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs pour more money into marketing, which does not work in the hope that increased sales will compensate for everything. You will also invest your money, time, and energy. Watch out! If something doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s time to stop.

5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

1. Start blogging and monetize your blog

Understandably, any list of how to make money online must not lack blogging. But I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that I didn’t start blogging, but start blogging and monetize your blog.

Even though I like blogging (because I blog on wy.SK, I have my own and I also write on other blogs as part of guest blogging), I must say that blogging as such will not earn you anything. It’s just a means to make money. But no one will ever pay you for the articles you publish with you.

You will earn something else. For example:

Selling your own products and services – this is what you will primarily earn when blogging. All you need is to come up with a product or service that is of interest and sells well over the Internet.

Selling ad space – this is one of the oldest ways of making money since mass media exists, and you can use it too because your blog can be a high-traffic medium with a specific audience. This means that companies that would like to reach this target group could pay you for advertising space.

Affiliate marketing – you do not only have to sell your own products/services, but also the products/services of other companies, with the proviso that you get a certain commission for them. for example, there is an affiliate network Dognet, which you can use. Also, many companies provide their own affiliate program ( we at WY also have our own ). It has the only disadvantage. What you offer must be related to your blog, and you should only recommend what you believe. Otherwise, you won’t sell much or lose the trust of your readers. More about affiliate marketing for a while in a separate section, where we will discuss it in more detail.

Selling Premium Content – If you have something to write about and can provide valuable information, you don’t have to give it all away for free. You can make specific advice, procedures, or advanced strategies available to paying customers, whether in the form of subscriptions, online courses, or ebooks.

But when selling, you need to realize that some forms of earning will bring you more, some less, others at all. You can also be inspired abroad, but not everything has to work just as well.

For example, selling ebooks is quite popular, especially in the English-speaking market, where you can earn quite well. But in selling ebooks is not so profitable. You manage to sell something, but you can’t expect tens of thousands in earnings.

I asked the experienced online marketer Peter Chodelka about his experience with selling ebooks:

“I think selling ebooks makes a decent living. There’s no chart I have to say. But maybe someone else will do better, I don’t know. I have sold almost 500 ebooks in the last year, but a lot of the money went to advertising. Personally, I would certainly not rely on the sale of ebooks as the main source of income in the world.  

When I searched a bit more, I also found a podcast by Tony Dubravec, in which the blogger Rada z Nie je tura bez stur testified. He revealed in it that even you can earn decent money by blogging and complementary collaborations. In the summer of 2018, when he had better months, his income reached 2000 euros. During the current months, his income is around € 1,000. However, his earnings are not volatile, with the blog accounting for about 60% of his earnings.

2. Become an influencer to make money online

An influencer is now a new buzzword in the digital world. And who is the influencer? I found a nice definition at :

An influencer is a person who has the power to influence people’s purchasing decisions through his authority, knowledge, positions or the relationship he has built with those people.

Influencers often have their own platform (blog, YouTube channel, fan page with a large number of subscribers) and their fans trust them enough to give their recommendations.

Compared to traditional (mass) forms of marketing, influencers have the advantage that they can address a targeted group of people and thus increase the effectiveness of marketing activities of various companies, which will address them with an offer for cooperation.

It pays off most for you to work in the following industries :

  • fashion
  • beauty
  • fitness
  • travel
  • lifestyle areas

As an influencer, you can make a lot of money. For one post on Instagram, you know influencers usually ask from 100 to 400 euros. If you are a person in demand, you can also get 5000+ euros for more cooperation. Take, for example, Sajfu, who gave his voice to promote the About You online store. 

A good example from the world is photographer Kevin Wong, who has up to 137,000 followers on Instagram. He collaborates with several brands and his photos have several thousand “likes” on social networks. 

3. Adsense advertising to make money online

Adsense is a Google advertising system that allows you to display Google ads on your website, blog, or YouTube channel, and Google will pay you for it.

However, keep in mind that you won’t earn much from this form of monetization unless you have a huge amount of traffic on the web or viewership of your YouTube channel. And by huge I mean hundreds of thousands to millions of views a month.

To get a more accurate idea, I asked more specific numbers of my good friend, František Kozáček, a YouTube expert who manages channels with tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of views a month, how much they can earn. Even at such high numbers, it’s between $ 0.6 and $ 1.6 per 1,000 views.

However, it is not necessarily that you make a lot of money online this way. this is unrealistic for many YouTube channels and blogs. Even if you only earn 100-200 euros, it is at least something from which you can possibly finance Google ads advertising to promote your services.

4. Selling your services (freelance or consulting)

Unlike other forms of earning money on the Internet, this one is the fastest, easiest, and can be quite profitable. This is how you can make money online from home. All you have to do is create a website, put subpages of your services on it, promote it a bit, and hope that you will get the first clients. You do not have to create a physical product, as the service depends primarily on your know-how and expertise, which you can adapt to the needs of a particular client. It can be anything:

Online marketing consulting (SEO, PPC, social networks, content marketing, web analytics…)

Website design


Online coach

Interior design

Wedding organizer

For specific advice on how to get the first clients, I asked freelancer Michaela Struhárová , who is engaged in content marketing. Her answer?

“It was quite atypical for me because I found my first client through Clients need to be informed about themselves. There are two options, it depends on which suits you better. If I want to work with someone a lot, I will contact them directly with solutions that can help them. The second way is your own page, thanks to which clients can find me.

If you are starting from scratch and do not have sample portfolios with which you would be able to reach clients or prepare your own page, try to compensate for this in an interesting way. Don’t be afraid to do something for free in the beginning. I thus prepared 2 guest posts for the popular Czech website and podcast mlady, thanks to which I got another paid job. “

5. Affiliate marketing to make money online

If you have a website with good traffic or your own email database, you can also use affiliate marketing to monetize your website. It is a recommendation of products or services of other companies, for which you will receive a certain commission, the amount of which you can individually agree on, or determined by the company in its affiliate program.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, you  basically need:

overview in areas such as web design and website traffic (SEO, PPC, email marketing)

Search for affiliate programs and choose the right area  

6. Sell a premium membership on your site

Another way to make money online is to sell memberships to exclusive corners of your website or blog. In order to start such a business, make sure that the content in the paid section is more valuable than the one that customers have from you for free.

Important tips in conclusion to make money online

Something will work for you more, something less, something at all. It is important to stop as soon as possible, which is only a ravage of your money, and strengthen what works. If something works less, it doesn’t mean you should stop. You can also use smaller earnings, for example from Adsense advertising, to finance your effective marketing activities and not just take them as a form of earnings.

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