Learn How To Replace WhatsApp Groups In Your Company

Learn How To Replace WhatsApp Groups In Your Company

WhatsApp is already considered by many companies a key tool in business communication. Despite the practicality offered by the tool, it is not always the best option.

Yes, the use of WhatsApp in the company can also bring some harm and danger to employees and also to your company. Let’s explain all this better to you. In addition, we will also offer some workarounds to the messaging application.

The risks that Whatsapp can offer

We know that the app offers numerous positives and advantages. However, it’s not all flowers. There are also some risks that you and your company are exposed to when using the tool.

Safety with Whatsapp

Even though the application has all communication encrypted, there are still risks to which it is exposed. Every day, about 15 thousand Brazilians have their applications cloned. With this, all conversations and data exchanged through it can be accessed by a total stranger.

Furthermore, there is still the risk that someone will decide to impersonate the person who has been cloned. The possibility of exchanging instant messages can generate both personal and business conflicts.

Sense of urgency

One of the great differentials of the app, when it came out, was the instantaneous exchange of messages. Today, this same factor is a reason for panic for many employees.

The amount of excessive messages is frequent in many companies. This ends up creating a heightened sense of urgency in employees.

This situation not only can but has affected the mental health of many. This incessant exchange of messages can lead to increased stress and mental fatigue. Which is detrimental to any business.

Measurement of results – Whatsapp

Another big challenge facing companies that use WhatsApp is the control of everything that happens. And also the measurement of these activities. As all communication actually takes place through the app, it is not always possible to reliably collect the data.

Conversations get lost, are deleted. As much as the search bar helps, the process becomes more complex and time-consuming than it should. Therefore, it is advisable to use more than one channel to better manage internal communication.

Is WhatsApp a villain?

Not necessarily. The tool can serve as a support in communication. However, it is important that this occurs in the best possible way so that HR and managers have some control over the groups created and the information shared.

It is not uncommon to hear complaints about the misuse of the tool in the work environment. Posts after working hours, on weekends, videos totally out of the context of the group, and so on… The examples are many and you’ve probably already lived or known a similar story.

As already mentioned, it is important that WhatsApp is not the main communication channel. The tool, in fact, is an excellent alternative to support the area.

What other communication channels to use?

By having such easy access to the app, it can often seem that there are no other possible alternatives as effective. However, this guess is a misnomer. Everything depends on an analysis to understand which channel best suits your team and its needs.

Next, we’ll explain some channels you can use.


The newsletter is a great way to keep your team informed about everything that happens in the company. You can also use it to motivate your team.

By enabling the use of other media, in addition to text, makes messages more attractive. Furthermore, newsletters are easy to implement and have a low level of difficulty. That’s why she’s also super affordable!

However, it is up to the collaborator to decide whether to open it or not. Therefore, it is important to insert this into the company’s routine. That way, those who don’t check will feel like they’re missing something. It would be like missing an episode of the soap opera or series you are following.

Therefore, it is necessary that newsletters are well structured and that the shared content generates value for those who are following it.

Corporate email

Believe it or not, email has great potential to replace the use of WhatsApp. That’s because it allows the exchange of messages daily, regardless of size. Like the app, it delivers messages in real-time.

Furthermore, it is a safer option when it comes to exchanging sensitive information and documents. It’s more common to clone the WhatsApp account than the email account, right?

Furthermore, it is a relatively easy tool to install and use. So it’s an excellent channel to replace the chat app.

Video conference

Yes, this is also a very effective communication channel when used correctly. With video alignment (which is the closest we have to a face-to-face conversation today), sending messages via WhatsApp becomes almost unnecessary.

This is a great option for teams that are working remotely. In addition to being an excellent way to ensure everyone’s alignment. It is a quick and practical way to solve emergency problems from a distance.

One of the biggest problems in sending messages is in their interpretation. It is not possible to identify facial expressions, tone of voice, or intentionality. And that’s what can trigger internal problems. So, if it is possible to avoid the possibility of misinterpretation, it is wiser to do so.

With video, this interpretation is closer to what the interlocutor really wants to convey. So it is an excellent alternative to replace the messaging app.


Currently, there are some solutions on the market aimed at this direct communication with the employee. One of the solutions that we can exemplify is ITSS Me.

The application offers the possibility of sending notices to employees. It is a functionality similar to newsletters, however, without the need to be periodic. In addition, it facilitates sending shorter messages quickly and conveniently.

In addition, the app facilitates the communication of urgent information, for example. That’s because the messages appear as notifications on the employees’ cell phones. Another strong point is the possibility of checking how many contributors actually received the notice or not and how many actually read it. This gives HR and the communication team greater control over the effectiveness of shipments.

How to ensure the effectiveness of communication channels?

As we said, the way your company communicates with employees is part of the entire organizational culture. The insertion of communication channels in the employee’s daily life should start as soon as he arrives at the company.

Accessing these channels and checking this information is intrinsically linked to the feeling of belonging. That’s why it’s important to ensure that communication works as planned.

It is important that the company maintains constancy in the release of this information. So that, in this way, the employee understands the importance of this constant contact and inserts the checking of this information into his/her routine.

In companies that do not have any communication process in place, it can be more difficult to put this into practice. However, with constancy and the creation of this organizational culture, little by little the scenario will change.

Always remember to share information that adds value to employees. Speak the same language as they do and keep them informed of everything that goes on in the company.

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