So You Can Browse WhatsApp “In Incognito Mode”: Hide Your Connection When Needed

So You Can Browse WhatsApp “In Incognito Mode”: Hide Your Connection When Needed

They discover that the WhatsApp messaging app is working on a new feature that will allow users to block access to information regarding the connection status (Online) to the contacts they want.

The connection status has become a tool loved and hated in equal parts. In many cases, we see it positively, since thanks to it, we can know if someone will read our message, but it can also expose us when we do not want to answer, and someone sees that we have connected.

For years, WhatsApp users have asked the company for more control over this function since, depending on the moment and situation, there are times when we prefer that a person cannot see that we are “Online.”

There are many reasons behind not wanting to answer a message, either because you are angry with that person, you do not wish to continue the conversation, or you are supposed to be busy doing something else. Soon, according to WABetaInfo, whatever the reason may be, you will be able to hide your connection.

Last week we talked about the new privacy measures that WhatsApp had included, with which you could hide your Last Connection, your profile picture and your status from certain people in your contacts, which is now available to all users of the app.

However, today’s news is not the same, since WhatsApp would be working on a function that allows you to hide the “Online” to the contacts you want, while before, it was about blocking the information referring to the last time that you were connected.

This new tool would make WhatsApp an even more private platform, whether it’s when you’re talking to an unknown person that you don’t want to know when you’re connected and when you’re not, or to avoid arguing with a friend or family member for not having answered their message.

This new tool is being tested with some beta users, so we will have to wait for it to be extended globally to all app users.

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