IoT (Internet Of Things) And Digital Transformation

IoT (Internet Of Things) And Digital Transformation

Phenomena such as Digital Transformation remind companies of the changing environment in which we find ourselves and the importance of continually evolving to survive. In this context, the IoT ( Internet of Things) or the Internet of things has become more relevant. However, this term is not yet that close to people or companies. This is due to the ravages of current technologies, and course, with cloud technology. However, the IoT is a significant advantage because it is the natural fusion and point of convergence between computing, software development, cloud technology, automation, mechanics, and the vital ingredient: electronics.

Therefore, in this post, we will learn about the Internet of Things, why it is considered a competitive advantage for companies, and a real case to understand this idea even more.

Definition Of IoT

Before delving further into the subject, let’s define the Internet of Things first. The IoT, as mentioned, is the set of related technologies and devices through a network, be it private or the Internet; and where each of the components or devices interact to achieve a previously programmed end. Reference is made to the interconnection and interaction between the digital and the physical world. That is, technology allows physical objects to work together with information networks.

Today there are millions of objects connected to the Internet, and this trend will continue to grow exponentially in the following years. In that sense, the IoT allows this connection between people, objects, and environments to inform and innovate. Therefore, this platform contributes to the minimum possible human intervention and to be self-sustaining, scalable, and administrable.

IoT As a Competitive Advantage

With a clearer idea about the IoT, we can infer that it is not yet fully disseminated and, much less applied in many companies, is a competitive advantage. In addition to this, it becomes a vital part of the Digital Transformation of companies, and therefore, they have some of the benefits in common. All this allows us to take advantage of this platform from various angles in various processes of the companies that put it into practice. Here are some of the reasons why it is considered a competitive advantage:

  • Automate repetitive tasks by reducing the error rate.
  • Get the information in real-time from wherever you are.
    It reduces costs or material damage by preventing potential harm to a company because its parameters stopped said adverse event.
  • It enables employees and managers to focus on decision-making rather than running their business. This benefit is one of the most relevant, but it can be very absorbing most of the time.
  • Improves occupational safety and accident prevention.
    Optimize times in business operations. Hence, the processes become more efficient.

In Practice

With this outlook, a bit clearer, let’s now look at a practical application of the IoT. We have to ground these ideas because the IoT universe is so big that you could get lost and not contact the expected results. Now, this is a real case in the beverage industry. As is known, it is essential to have continuous control of the industrial machinery, the pressure level of the filling machine, the temperature and pressure of the boiler, the number of revolutions of the conveyor belt motors, the temperature applied by the packing machine, to stretch-film, among many other measurements.

As you can see, there is a lot of data, and all of them are important, of course. To obtain this data, it would generally be required to be in the same production plant and walk through each industrial machinery, taking note and keeping control of each. Therefore, a step in the right direction in this reality is to digitize this data; they are entered into a cloud system, whether mobile or web, that provides us with time graphs and centralized statistical behavior available to any user in the organization.

It is undoubtedly beneficial information for a plant or production manager; This is already a step in the right direction, but one more action can be taken. In this context, the IoT is carved, which allows the human operator who recorded the data to be promoted towards more analytical and profitable tasks and delegates to the same machine the recording of that information directly in the cloud system with the help of devices such as sensors and actuators.

The Importance Of IoT

Thanks to advances in technology and the trend of integration and interconnection with various devices, the Internet of Things platform takes a more significant role. Therefore, there is no doubt about the competitive advantage that the IoT provides, being an essential component in the face of an eventual Digital Transformation in organizations. This and many other examples show the great tool, the IoT, which has finally brought together many technologies and made programming tangible by giving it a visible face thanks to electronics and mechanics. What a powerful combination!

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