Current Trends In Marketing

Current Trends In Marketing

As the environment, customers, and the market, marketing is constantly changing and evolving – new trends are emerging. What was true yesterday and is valid today may not be valid tomorrow. New applications, PPC advertising, new tools and new ways to get customers’ attention and bring them to shopping carts are constantly appearing around us. Often the moment you set up marketing, something changes. A new trend is coming and everything is different that needs to be responded to. The following lines list some current marketing trends.

Artificial intelligence

Helps companies analyze customer behavior and their preferences. One of the examples of its operation is monitoring and evaluating the behavior of users on social networks or automatically adapting the content on the website depending on the specific visitor. Examples of artificial intelligence: improves PPC (pay per click) advertising. Achieves a 10% reduction in cost-per-click and an 8% increase in clicks. sets up and optimizes digital ads across social networks and other platforms. helps its clients reach 198% more fans and followers on social networks.

Phrasee. co uses artificial intelligence to write email subjects and Facebook posts and increases openings and clicks by tens of percent.

Due to its price, artificial intelligence is so far only suitable for established societies. Thus, start-up entrepreneurs must already “fight” against machines.

Conversational marketing

Time is faster and people want everything immediately. It is not enough for customers to fill out the contact form and wait. Conversational marketing allows you to engage a person in natural communication, dialogue and thus strengthen the brand in real-time. Unlike the traditional form of e-mail communication, the conversation with the customer takes place in real-time. 

The future customer thus receives immediate responses to their needs and requirements and, in addition, has a good feeling that someone is interested in their needs. Here, too, artificial intelligence is widely used in the form of chatbots, i.e. conversational robots, which are designed to automate communication with customers, thus replacing live operators.


YouTube is the 2nd search engine in the world after Google. People love videos, and so does the market environment. Every social network uses video and, in addition, well-known services such as Netflix, HBO Go, or Amazon Prime deepen this trend. In terms of content, live and story videos are at the forefront.

It is recommended to upload the video natively to all social networks and not just one. Native means not to share, but to upload. In addition to the giant’s YouTube and Facebook, new LinkedIn players and IGTV Instagram television are also applying for a place on the market, where companies that want to be successful should also present their content.


Some customers use Facebook, some LinkedIn, and some only Google. At the same time, they continuously switch between individual environments. Therefore, companies must be everywhere, whether on social networks or in all types of communication. This approach is called multi-channel marketing and is based on the assumption that the customer chooses the way he wants to communicate with the company. 

But the reality is a little different. Customers use multiple channels at once, so companies often manage their marketing channels separately. However, the activities on them must be interconnected. The individual channels are not separate parts, but the whole interconnected ecosystem.

More confidence in people than in advertising

More and more people are running away from classic ads. They consider branded sites, editorial sites, and reviews to be the most trusted sources of advertising. More than 30% of Internet users use applications to block ads, which in practice means 30% less target audience. This does not mean that companies have to stop advertising. However, the content must be as relevant as possible to the user.

The focus should therefore be on customer satisfaction and a good shopping experience, with which you can get valuable reviews, shares, and recommendations. In this context, we must not forget the influence of marketing, which involves the presentation of a brand or products to people who influence the decisions of a certain group of customers. The results of this way of marketing are difficult to measure, but their popularity is growing.

Rich media formats

Static banner advertising has become a trend of years past and is being pushed out by rich media formats. These are various flash animations, streaming videos, interactive applications, and online games. They represent a contrast to the classic pages containing only images and text. They are designed for computers as well as mobile devices and provide a higher click-through rate, over the 1% threshold.

However, the thing that cannot be measured is the effect they have on the visitor. You can’t read the impression you get from any graph.

Will the mistake be trendy?

Common features of current marketing trends include trustworthiness, interaction, and customer engagement through as many available channels as possible. The individual approach is further strengthened and coordination of activities in order to best reach the customer. 

But is it really a current trend? In 2019, our economy is still growing rapidly. However, a slowdown is already expected for 2020. If these predictions come true, marketing budgets will, as usual, be among the first victims. The chances of experimentation will therefore be reduced and the emphasis will be on doing more with fewer resources. This can only be done with the knowledge of what is effective. 

This means getting to know the audience, getting to know the channels, and working with a healthy, well-positioned brand. Therefore, in order to make the most of the potential, you need to recapitulate what the company knows to work and focus on being able to show it. There is no need to choose from new marketing opportunities according to the competition or from news from marketing conferences

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