Conversational Marketing- How Chat Bots Made It Possible

Conversational Marketing- How Chat Bots Made It Possible

Have you ever been browsing a website and a chat window has popped up asking if you need help? Or perhaps you have entered Facebook page about that product that interests you so much and a conversation has started with the brand.

Does it sound familiar to you? Conversational marketing is a new dimension in the world of sales that seeks to create a more direct and personal way of being in contact with customers. 

One of the main characteristics of this strategy is the connection with the users and the accessibility that you offer them. If the main characteristics of this strategy is the connection with the users and the accessibility that you offer them.

Conversational marketing is just about satisfying your consumer in an immediate, personal, responsive, useful, and humane way. How does using conversational marketing benefit you in your company?

  • From an email, a great conversation can be derived between consumer and technical support.
  • You save time searching for information to the user, which results in a better experience with your brand.
  • A bot installed on your website can achieve conversions and speed up the process for your user to fill out your web form.
  • Your users can access your web content through social networks.
  • The moment you use the information you obtain from your potential consumers to your advantage, you are one step ahead of the competition, and much closer to achieving a sale.

Ways to apply conversational marketing.

Do not lose your cool, conversational marketing is not something completely new, it is a technique that your company has always implemented but optimized. This strategy seeks for the members of the company to pay more attention to details. For example, the way in which potential customers deal with a conversation or the degree of knowledge of products similar to those you sell

The applications to interact with your user using conversational marketing in your marketing strategy

  • Direct chat
  • Chatbots
  • Messenger sessions
  • WhatsApp

Use them to answer questions, make a sale or offer technical support. The personalized experience will give you the added value that other companies may not offer to customers.

We all like to be pampered, don’t you think? That’s what conversational marketing is all about: giving your consumer what they need when they need it, through assistance with a human face.
It has happened to all of us that we want to resolve a question or simply require more information about a product or service from a company, but we know very well that we may not get an answer until days later, during business hours

This represents a great disadvantage for companies since the user needs support at any time of the week.
Direct chat, chatbots, and other examples are messaging strategies that allow anyone to chat with your company when they need it. They have limits, it is true, but it is better to offer this service than to risk losing a client.

How to sell more with conversational marketing.

The world and people change day by day, and sales strategies must also be transformed. If you are looking for your company to evolve and you want to take advantage of the new solutions that marketing offers you to increase profits, you are in the right place.

Pay attention to the following recommendations.

Unify your marketing strategy.

Conversational marketing does not bring the same results if you apply it in isolation in your marketing strategy. This tool becomes more effective when you integrate it into your company in a general way (especially in the area of sales and customer service).

Complement your sales strategy with the use of instant messaging (such as the examples that we present at the beginning of this article). Its function is to help you speed up the conversion process with users.
Thanks to the information you get from your potential customers, you can offer a personalized service

When you know the client to whom you want to sell shoes or a wedding dress, the purchase/sale process becomes easier, because you will know what interests them from the beginning.

Use chatbots to provide more information to customers.

Chatbots are often thought of only as technical support, but their role has now improved and brought more benefits to companies. Thanks to its immediate appearance when entering a website, your business can provide content of interest to the visitor.

It goes hand in hand with the Interact stage of Inbound Marketing since you have the opportunity to recommend to your prospect something related to what he was interested in previously.

For example: if the user showed interest in a blog about ”Web design trends”, the chatbot can recommend an eBook dedicated to ”The best websites for mobile devices”.

The objective is to get the user to advance in their purchasing process through complementary content.

Build customer trust: As in a personal purchase, the main thing to make a successful sale is to win the trust of the consumer. As this selling process is done through a bot, it is possible (and understandable) that the user is not comfortable; therefore, it is vitally important to be empathetic and we should let him know that the conversation will only happen if he wants to.

conventional marketing

Chatbots role in Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing meets two essential requirements: being available at all times and offering helpful support. Therefore, the function of the chatbot is to be pleasant, helpful, and clear.
Being present when no one else is, brings that competitive advantage that will help boost your online sales.

Another great advantage of using chatbots to sell more is the use of notifications that your sales representative will receive The moment when a chatbot detects a message from the customer who wants more information, they will immediately send another to the seller so that they can contact the prospect.

Immediacy is a huge value, as it offers a better user experience. It is here where the consumer realizes that you are truly interested in their needs and that they are not being attended to by a robot that will waste their time.

Disposition at the moment the client needs it.

As we have already mentioned, the user is used to the fact that only at certain times can he be attended to request information or make a purchase. But what if your online sales service was available 24 hours a day?

Your sales will definitely increase!

The chatbot plays a fundamental role here, since he will be in charge of providing information, and even follow the purchase process to the end. This detail is very important since the user will know that your company is available whenever they want.

When you have had a successful sale …

Don’t forget to recommend more products or services to your client based on their last purchase. It is a perfect opportunity to encourage the user to continue searching and acquiring things that are to their liking.

For example: if your consumer has just ordered a bikini for the summer, your bot may recommend the trendy swim cap.

As you may notice, conversational marketing is not a magic formula, nor is it a difficult process to apply. All you have to do is treat people the way you want them to treat you in a store (even if it’s online).

Consumers expect a lot from your company and you have a lot to contribute. You will see that by interacting with people and you will make a difference. Conversational marketing is about meeting customer expectations. If you implement it, we are sure that your sales will increase. 

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