Will 2022 Be The Definitive Year Of Chatbots In Social Media?

Will 2022 Be The Definitive Year Of Chatbots In Social Media?

You may not have even realized it, but you have likely come across a chatbots on your favorite social network. Many brands have decided on this method, one of the most effective when managing customer communication.

Indeed, they are not new at all. Much has been said about chatbots; some examples you can find below are three years old. However, despite their proven effectiveness, brands are reluctant to implement them on their social channels.

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2022 is therefore seen as a decisive year for chatbots. At a time when the use of voice assistants is growing (like those of Google, Amazon, and Apple…), it makes sense to bet on messaging on social networks. Even a study by Facebook ensures that 56% of users prefer to contact customer service in a chat rather than by phone. And there are many more advantages:

  • They improve the user experience and, consequently, their loyalty to your brand. According to a Forrester study, 66% of users say that the most important thing a company can do is offer fast online service.
  • Along these lines, another Salesforce study found that up to 71% of users would switch to another brand if the service is not practical.
  • They adapt to any social network (or web). Regardless of the channel you are looking for, you have a solution in the form of a chatbot to improve communication with your customers.
  • Who doesn’t use them? WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger practically dominate messaging services around the world. And its opening rate is much higher than that of a newsletter.

But… Do chatbots work?

Of course! And it is no longer that they offer efficient communication with the client but that they improve the digital numbers of the brand.

Vodafone’s chatbot, for example, increased the conversion rate by more than 100% compared to its website. Transaction time was also reduced, and usability results were more significant than ever.

In other cases, as I said before, improving the user experience and brand loyalty are sought. A great example of this is the service that KLM implemented when flying with them. The Dutch airline offered, through Facebook Messenger, all kinds of information about your trip and resolved any questions you might have about the flight.

A chatbot that you can try right now is the one from Spotify. You can get a lot out of the conversation with just a few questions: create a playlist with your friends and let the wizard help you discover new music based on your tastes.

Do you remember any other cases? Have these examples aroused your curiosity? You know, from now on, when you address a brand in a chat… you will always wonder who or what is on the other side!

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