Analyzing Netflix: 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Company Or Brand

Analyzing Netflix: 5 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Company Or Brand

Netflix: Today, social networks play a vital role in the success of companies and brands, and many of them have not yet discovered their infinite possibilities. If this is you, it’s time to catch up! Currently, not having a presence on social media is invisible.

To get your digital marketing strategy off to a good start, we give you five keys to the success of Netflix, the streaming giant, one of the kings of current online marketing that makes each of the content it publishes on its networks viral almost instantly social. Take note and start giving visibility to your brand with these five strategies:

1. Brand image and visibility

The brand image is users’ perception of your brand and how they interact with it. The brand must always be present so that it remains at the top of the user’s mind, that is, that the user has it in mind when they make a purchase or contract service, so you must work on positioning and the visibility of your brand.

In this area, Netflix is ​​a leading brand worldwide thanks to its ongoing online marketing campaigns, which have allowed it to expand its international reach and become and remain at the top of the mind of users, whether they are customers or potential customers…

2. Information about your audience

A big problem for companies and brands is that they do not know their audience. One of the keys to success in digital marketing is knowing consumers and knowing what their consumption habits are to create a connection with the brand. This connection should be the basis of your content strategy, as it will allow you to create relevant content for the user and remain top of mind. In addition, knowing your audience will allow you to make the user a part of the brand and give you feedback, adapting to the feedback provided by their interactions and making decisions according to their demand.

Netflix analyzes its audience, tastes and consumption habits. It uses this data to offer them relevant content adapted to users in the different international markets in which it operates. This knowledge allows him to create original content, differentiate and adapt to each market and make decisions based on his experience and relationship with his consumers, which has given him the ability to connect with audiences from all countries and go viral instantly—taking the brand to the top of the streaming video market.

3. Engagement

As we have said, knowing your audience and connecting with it is essential for your brand. Companies are unaware of the great value of engagement, encouraging participation and generating an interaction with users that creates a community of followers related to the brand. Nothing is more valuable than a community of fans devoted to the brand on social media. These fans are potential customers who, if you play your cards right, will become final consumers of your brand and who you will be able to retain.

Today’s consumer is increasingly demanding, so user engagement has become a vital tool for brands, which must take note of the feedback received and adapt to user demands quickly and efficiently.

In this area, Netflix’s leadership is indisputable since it has managed to create a community that is very loyal to the brand, feels identified with it and interacts with and shares its content, making it viral almost instantly after it is published. This relationship with the public also offers you direct feedback, with which you can make decisions and know what type of content to bet on, what acceptance your content has, which series you should renew or rescue and which ones to cancel.

4. Creativity and storytelling

As we have commented on several occasions in our blog, the concept of advertising has evolved a lot in recent years, products are no longer the protagonists, but now people are, so we must approach our campaigns from another point of view to appeal to emotions and make the user feel identified with the brand. This is where creativity and storytelling play a fundamental role in social networks. The key is creating content that connects with the user, excites or amuses him and that he wants to share.

In the case of Netflix, its social media strategy stands out for its originality. With engaging, dynamic and current content, they get the user to connect with the brand. To do this, they use stories full of ingenuity that appeal to the viewer’s emotion or sense of humor and that make the user participate in the brand and spread its content.

5. Latest trends and formats

Platforms and digital content constantly evolve based on technological progress and user consumption habits. Therefore, your online marketing strategy cannot stagnate but must develop following the latest trends and experimenting with new emerging formats, but always without losing sight of the Quality of the content.

The current trend is towards short and visual formats, audiovisual content has a more significant role in social networks, and users consume more and more of this type, so we are at a peak moment for video formats.

In this sense, Netflix is ​​always at the forefront of the latest trends and formats, presenting a visual and 360 strategy fully integrated into all its channels. This makes the user more with the brand and gives them a feeling of immediacy and relevance, of always being up to date. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment with emerging formats.

In short, online marketing and social networks are constantly evolving and are essential for your brand. Don’t stay behind and start working on your digital strategy with these five strategies that we propose!

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