If You Want To Sell, You Need To Know The Shopping Behavior

If You Want To Sell, You Need To Know The Shopping Behavior

Shopping Behavior: The Internet offers a lot of information and a more excellent choice of customers than it did a few years ago. There are still many opportunities you can take advantage of for your business.

At first glance, you do not notice most of the untapped opportunities and ignore them. If you know the market where you do business and understand your customers, you will discover opportunities to support your business sooner. Just use a little logic, change your perspective and find the options to help your business quickly.

Potential opportunities are often elementary, but they can have a significant impact on the growth of your business. An essential part of marketing is understanding what or who affects your customers. If you want to make money, you need to know the shopping behavior of potential and regular customers and then prepare a suitable marketing strategy.

Shopping behavior

Understanding your customers’ shopping behavior is one of the elements that will ensure your business’s success. Without this step, it isn’t easy to gain more customers. In today’s competition, without knowing your customers’ shopping behavior, you will have to work hard to succeed.

How can you identify the reasons that influence a customer’s purchasing decision?

Certain factors influence shopping behavior. You can use them to communicate with potential customers if you know them.

Assuming customer behavior and needs based on your ideas is the worst thing you can do. Although it’s easy to see at a glance what your customers want, what they’re looking for, you don’t know the actual needs of customers with your guesses and assumptions. Your reasons and the reasons for your customers are diametrically different.

Your customer

If you want your customers to shop more with you, creating a customer profile is essential. The customer profile is one of the critical factors you need to understand his shopping behavior.

A simple method of profiling is to use common sense.

Use a mind map or think logically about your customers and what might be necessary. You can help by searching for information online, asking friends, or directing your potential customers.

Find out the reason for the purchase.

When customers decide to buy, they will first look at what your business offers. They compare you with the competition and look for advantages for themselves. Price is not always the deciding factor. The benefits include a quality product description, service, photos, guarantees, customer reviews, and much more.

Customers make their purchasing decisions rationally, but more often for emotional reasons. Customers justify the choice from a wide range. One of the decisive factors is the experience of others. A positive, passionate relationship with the brand leads to repeat purchases. Satisfied customer spreads good experiences among friends, family.

Who buys

Stop making decisions based on your feelings. Your customers may not automatically like what you like. Often the purchase decision is caused by a person who will not use the product or service. A classic example is a parent-child relationship. In the decision-making process, parents consider the quality, safety of the product, or its impact on health.

For example, a parent decides to buy cereals with a high nutritional value for rational reasons. However, the child chooses to on the next purchase. If he likes grains, his parent will become loyal customers and repeatedly buy the same cereals. If the child does not like the cereal, the parent will not repurchase this product.

When planning marketing activities, consider situations where the customer does not buy your product for himself.

What is the buyer?

Having a wide range of products and services is a good idea if you have products or services that customers buy regularly.

Knowing your customers’ shopping behavior helps in choosing specific products for your offer. This information will help you decide if you will have the full range or focus only on critical products or services.

Try to refrain from hasty decisions and think carefully about the whole strategy.

Where does he shop?

Today, the customer already has many shopping channels. More and more customers are buying directly from websites or online stores.
Knowing your preferences will focus on key channels and increase your customers’ opportunities to buy from you. A typical example is a personal collection or a combination of internet and classic sales.

The customer is changing.

A relevant element affecting a customer’s shopping behavior is their changing needs. Again, parents are a typical example. Shopping behavior depends on the age and conditions of the child.

Shopping style

The decisive factor influencing shopping behavior is shopping style. Some customers like to shop, no matter what product or service. They decide spontaneously.

Before buying the product, the second group of customers searches for all available information compares prices, and considers the pros and cons. He decides to buy after a few days or weeks.

Another group is people who need basic information, price, and the opportunity to buy goods immediately.

When preparing a marketing communication, also think about the shopping style of your customers. Your shopping style can be significantly different from your customers’ shopping style.

Public opinion

Customer behavior is often influenced by public opinion. Information in the media on the Internet influences customer behavior. We see a strong impact of advertising on toys. Toy advertising affects children and influences parents’ shopping behavior. Under the influence of advertising, children long for a toy and subsequently influence the shopping behavior of their parents, grandparents.

The well-known faces of athletes, actors, and singers, through whom large companies promote their products, also impact the decision to buy the product.

Public opinion also influences customers’ shopping behavior oppositely. Bad experiences with a product or service presented on social networks or discussion forums significantly impact sales.

The personal experiences of his friends, colleagues, and family are important factors influencing the customer’s shopping behavior.

For a successful business, you need to know what factors and to what extent influence your customers’ decisions.


Finally, 5 tips to gain more customers and promote your business. Tracking trends will help your business grow.

  1. Identify the most important trends that you think are important for your market. Focus your attention on those who have interested you.
  2. See what’s going on overseas. Some changes may have been implemented in several countries for several years, but it may be an excellent time to implement them in your business.
  3. Think about your business about business partners or suppliers. Their decisions can have a direct or indirect impact on your business.
  4. Keep things simple. Analyze only how much of it you will use in your business. Make sense and follow your instincts. Talk to your friends, who often have a different perspective.
  5. Focus on your customers when planning your marketing activities. Track their shopping behavior and create your strategy. Stop automatically assuming what your customers want. Forget that customers think and act like you. Talk about your ideas and ask questions.

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