Is It Worth Starting Instagram Or Not Wasting Your Time On It?

Is It Worth Starting Instagram Or Not Wasting Your Time On It?

The modern world is hard to imagine without social networks. Through them, people get to know each other, communicate, and share their lives. Instagram is a global social network used by many smartphone owners. The service is especially popular with girls.


The social network appeared in 2010 and is still developing. It is designed for sharing photos and short videos. In Russia, Instagram is one of the most popular services.

Users create personal accounts where they upload photos and videos. Each has subscribers (other people who watch publications) and subscriptions (personalities of interest to the user himself).

In addition to publications that are saved on the page, you can upload “stories” – photos and videos stored for 24 hours. This category includes files created during the day or currently recorded.

On each post, you can tag another user’s page or the location where the photo was taken.

Social network benefits – Instagram


A person receives a lot of information through Internet resources. Media people post various news about their lives and about the world around them. In social networks, information spreads very quickly. If the user is interested, he will be aware of all the news.


Modern society pays attention to popular destinations. Instagram helps promote fashion trends. Users are aware of current topics and trends. This is especially true for young people, it is for young people that it is important to be in trend.


You can earn money on many social networks. On Instagram, this activity is more developed. If there are many users subscribed to the account, the owner can act as the face of the advertisement. Companies are ready to provide free (or discounted) goods and services if a person advertises products to the masses. Cooperation is expensive, so many people strive to develop their account and use it as a source of income. The more subscribers a person has, the more expensive advertising on his page is. Famous trends collaborate with popular users and pay well to promote their products. Many show business stars have additional income on Internet resources.

Promotion of your person

When a person follows popular trends, follows fashion, uploads files on relevant topics, many people subscribe to him. The more users know about it, the higher the chance that your account will be noticed by famous personalities or companies. A person will be offered a job in a large company, he will develop, he will receive a highly paid position. The result will not appear immediately, but if you invest in promoting your page, a person will achieve a lot. This is used by many representatives of the stage. They create social media accounts and post photos and videos of events. Some are fond of publications, and as a result, whole chronicles appear on their pages.

Dating and communication

Social networks are made for communication. It is easy to find a┬áperson of interest on the Internet since many users share their preferences with subscribers. It’s easy to keep in touch with your friends on Instagram. From joint photos and videos, you can understand where friends spent time. Current events and topics of conversation help in contact with loved ones.


The Internet gives users a wide variety of content to view, including on Instagram. A person can follow fashion trends, learn facts and watch scientific videos, enjoy funny content. Everyone will find what they like.

Disadvantages of using services


Some users are uploading too many files. It has become popular to photograph everything and everywhere, even in everyday situations. Subscribers with undue attention are waiting for new publications. Real things fade into the background, replaced by virtual events that have little to do with them.

Replacing your own life 

Regular Instagram users show excessive interest in media personalities. They are more interested in the looks and events of other people than in their own. They see a bright and eventful life (they don’t post others on social networks). Many subscribers are jealous of star users, instead of developing physically and spiritually. Commoners begin to think that their own life is devoid of memorable moments, but they do not seek to change something in themselves or in the world.

Imposing interests and opinions 

Popular account holders are constantly giving opinions about phenomena, people, or things. Fans accept their statement as a role model. Own opinion fades into the background if the ideal of the individual does not agree with him.


Although the content on Instagram is diverse, the bulk of popular users are accounts that are filled with the same type of content. People post the same photos, turning into twins. This is especially true for girls who dress, paint and behave alike. Sometimes different personalities are mistaken for one. The concept of fashion has changed with the advent of social networks. In the past, trends emphasized individuality by highlighting a person’s merits. Now fashion looks the same, people, especially young people, look-alike as if they were created according to one pattern.

Waste of time

Some people use Instagram as a way to make money, others publish interesting facts and information, but such a minority. Most of the users are watching other personalities, uploading ordinary photos and videos, of which there are too many on the service. This attitude brings no benefit other than inner satisfaction. It is better to use the time spent on self-improvement and creation.

Should I start Instagram?

Most users create an account on the resource because it is popular. Few people do it for the sake of interesting content or something new. Instagram is a product of a consumer society that makes people of the same type and imposes ideals. Instead of promoting the page, it is better to spend time and energy on real activities, the results of which will bear fruit.

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