Comparison Of Jira Cloud And Data Center

Comparison Of Jira Cloud And Data Center

Thinking about purchasing products that will help you create and manage your projects? Today we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of data storage channels such as Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center. The main difference between them is the place where information is stored.

What is Jira Cloud?

This service does not provide for server installation and subsequent maintenance. All work will take place in cloud storage, and external servers, as well as a security guarantee, are provided by the software manufacturer. Loss of personal data is excluded since now stored in the cloud is maximally protected. Jira Cloud is logged in using SAML, a service developed by the security technical committee. This means guaranteeing the reliability of registration and authorization of accounts. If you opted for Jira Cloud, you do not need to involve IT, specialists, to configure the equipment and maintain it. Atlassian, the developer of Jira Cloud, is responsible for all software support responsibilities.

The cloud software solution is multifunctional due to the availability of the necessary applications and plugins. Integration with third-party programs of other developers is possible. Certain operations are automated – there is no need for additional modules and programs. Let’s consider the features of Jira Cloud, advantages and disadvantages of the Data Center.

What are the advantages of Jira Cloud

1. Quick setup. After you have purchased a license, the installation will take a few minutes.

2. Regular updates. New product versions are updated automatically and always on time.

3. Savings on a local server. As we mentioned above, with Jira Cloud you save on additional hardware for the system to function.

4. Increased level of security. The service uses an SSL certificate as a standard to provide encryption for authentication and privacy.

What are the disadvantages of Jira Cloud

1. Lack of full administration capabilities. Certain Jira sysadmin features are hidden, but they are not always needed for common tasks.

2. Selective plugin compatibility. Not all Atlassian software is compatible with Jira Cloud.

3. There is no integration with specific bulk services. If you need to integrate with complex Jira Cloud programs, this will not be possible.

What is a Data Center?

This is a clustering of servers with an around-the-clock guarantee of constant access to Atlassian services in any situation. The service uses a common database and has a shared index. The functionality of the Data Center is similar to a server, but more expanded and is simply a must-have for large organizations.

Jira Data Center includes a suite of dedicated machines. Clustered nodes are ordinary servers that receive data and user requests. The shared file system is a server that is shared by nodes. A shared database or shared database is a server running on MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle. A load balancer or load balancer allows you to distribute data and user requests. In case of failure of one of them, requests are distributed proportionally among all in automatic mode.

What are the advantages of Jira DataCenter?

  1. Uninterrupted work. The server cluster is not afraid of downtime, sudden damage, or overload.
  2. In case of even minimal force majeure, the user will automatically be redirected to another node.
  3. Auto-update the system while keeping the active action
  4. Resume in the event of an emergency.
  5. The solution is to deploy another server separately on another node. During a failure, users will be redirected to a spare node without interruptions in work
  6. There is no limit on the number of users.

What are the cons of Jira DataCenter?

  1. Unlike Jira Cloud, there is no automatic update, but the system is available during updates due to load distribution across several nodes;
  2. No built-in platform automation;
  3. There is no means of ensuring security, encryption.

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