The Importance Of Inbound Marketing

The Importance Of Inbound Marketing

The Internet and social networks have revolutionized the world of marketing. Not adapting to these new trends can lead to failure. Now it is methods such as Inbound Marketing that are successful. But what is Inbound Marketing? This is nothing more than a new conception and optimization of customer relations.

The idea is that customers find the company instead of being the one that approaches them. To achieve this, you must offer something of value without intrusiveness. Content marketing, social networks, and SEO strategies are key…

What is Inbound Marketing based on?

The basis of these new online marketing strategies is the relationship with the customer. Until now, companies persecuted them for offering them their products. These modes usually provoked rejection.

On the contrary, Inbound Marketing is based on attraction. It seeks that it is clients who approach the products without pressure. They must find in the company a value that makes it different and attractive.

The pillars of Inbound Marketing

Thus, Inbound Marketing is based on techniques and strategies that are very different from traditional marketing. They can be specified in four points:

The definition of the client: 

Before launching a strategy, it is necessary to know to whom it is directed. That potential customer must be fictionally recreated in all its details. This is known as a buyer persona and makes it easy to create interesting content for this model client.

Content marketing and its creation: 

The content must be made in such a way that they are interesting and of value to future clients. They must respond to your needs.

Personalization and segmentation: 

People sometimes have different relationships with the company. It is not the same who is looking for a product out of curiosity as who is determined to buy it. Thus, it is essential to personalize the messages. This can mark the step from being a simple lead to a loyal customer, something known as a conversion funnel.


Social networks allow content and products to be disseminated, so it is essential to create quality content that can be shared on the networks.

The analysis:

Finally, the analysis shows if a strategy has been carried out successfully. The main measure is conversion, leads that have become customers. Based on this data, the productivity of a certain methodology can be examined.

Inbound Marketing step by step

The first thing to do is define the buyer persona. Once this is done and knowing who you are addressing, you can move on to the second step. 

This consists of attraction. It carries out the entire content marketing strategy, development of well-written SEO texts, etc. The aim is to direct the consumer toward the product.

Once on the web page, it would go to the third step: 

The conversion. Through this, the client goes from being unknown to providing their data. It is achieved through relevant information you can access by filling in forms.

And last place would be education. This consists of giving useful information to users depending on the moment of purchase in which they are. To do this, it uses marketing automation, with tools such as lead scoring, which analyzes the moment of the purchase the person is in, and lead nurturing, which automatically sends personalized emails to each client.

In short, a new marketing system helps increase customers and sales.

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