Marketing Challenges And Opportunities | Marketing Trends Of 2022

Marketing Challenges And Opportunities | Marketing Trends Of 2022

Let’s prepare for the changes in the coming year as soon as possible to lead the helm of marketing trends. We have written down what deserves our attention in the coming year and what could help us gain attention for all of us in the marketing universe.

Influencers will grow

The influence marketing trends increased during 2021. According to Forbes magazine, this segment reached 13.8 billion at the end of last year. Dollars. This type of marketing has long been perceived as profitable in several ways. It is not only affected by the brand’s profits but also by the quality of relations with their target audience, in which influencers have a significant share.

Data will be increasingly in demand.

The Harvard Business Review published a study that found out the “sexiest” work of the 21st century. The answer was “data analysis.” That was still in 2012. It took nine years, and the research was updated and brought an update. Prophet states that the most sought-after work experience in digital marketing in 2020 and 2021 was analytical.

As we can see, the importance of data and their analytical outputs does not decrease in any way. On the contrary, this article is the result of them. Internal and external data analysis will be in demand in the coming months, and investing time and money in this work can benefit marketers.

Interactivity will be required.

An old saying goes, “Let’s give people bread and games.” Marketing offers both – bread in the form of products and services games in opportunities for activities through business content. This is precisely what the audience wants, and marketing needs to keep the attention of the target audience.

3D product models, virtual reality, interactive calculators, or mini-games are just a fraction of the possibilities that encourage people to be active and make the perception of the offered content more pleasant. People don’t want to be bored and want to have fun, so let’s give them what they want from us.

Let’s personalize the content.

Generalized campaigns can comprehensively present the brand and its activities, but they do not know as close to their target segment as personalized campaigns can. The importance of individuality is growing and will continue to be so in 2022. For this reason, there is both a challenge and an opportunity to adapt the content to the requirements of the audience.

It’s not just about what people want, but what you can offer them. And the closer you get to the individual segments that make up your overall audience, the more relevant you become. The art of personalized advertising lies in knowing who you offer content to and when people need that content. Please tune in to their wave and tune in to a promising marketing trends.

Home Office persists

The coronavirus closed the doors of many offices more than two and a half years ago, and working from home has even worked in several companies. In other cases, the employees began to stand up for the home office and were convinced of its benefits and prescribed, in some cases even under the threat of dismissal. There are many advantages, so it is not surprising that the home office will be a popular form of work for many marketers in 2022, if not continue.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s boss, also sees the trend of active growth of employees in the form of a home office as progressive. According to him, he expects that half of his employees will work from home by 2030. The past period has shown companies whether this trend is a plus or a minus. Time will tell how it will continue to evolve.

Ecology will affect production.

The emphasis on nature and its protection is initiated from domestic waste separation to UN summits. It is not mentioned in marketing either, and online is a place that has long had the idea of ​​an ecological approach.

The decline in media in offline advertising also means support for the green planet. An ecological approach is also something that customers themselves demand. The survey showed that up to 75% of millennials are happy to pay more for a product they know has been made, emphasizing environmental protection. Ecology is thus reflected in both the quality of business and client satisfaction.

Let’s go to LinkedIn.

The business-oriented social network brings together mostly professionals from various fields, including natural and legal persons. The platform often acts as a “portfolio” for different market segments, and essential for 2022 is that LinkedIn is seeing a rapid increase in users.

While in 2020, this social network closed with 690 mils. , in December last year, statistics reported over 774 million. As for business, there were 57 million of them on LinkedIn. This network is increasing, and we can grow with it in the new year.

Targeted ads are subject to restrictions.

In the new year, we have not only opportunities but also limitations. Meta comes with the most important. The company (also known as Facebook) has faced criticisms for targeting Facebook content to social groups, which has reportedly significantly affected the election results in various parts of the world. A new step by society should prevent this.

Since January 2022, Meta has been restricting ads targeting sensitive topics. These include politics, religion, the LGBTI community, or health topics. It should be noted that these ads will not be banned on Meta social networks but will not be used in the case of targeted promotion.

Let’s make 2022 better for everyone. Since then, we have had trends to help us achieve both great and good things.

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