How To Take Advantages Of LinkedIn

How To Take Advantages Of LinkedIn

Advantages Of LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the best social network that exists in the field of social media for professionals. Millions of people are registered on this essential platform for anyone who wants to have a good, competent and overwhelming profile .

This website is business oriented and its objective is that all users contain a list of information of those people or companies that are of interest to them.

Advantages of Linkedin for your company

You can get new clients and contacts : all this will generate online recommendations, and that is what makes a brand grow is ‘word of mouth’. If you generate contacts on other platforms, you will be able to make yourself known in other fields.

Show the work you do: you can show your followers everything  you do on your blog or website. It’s another way of looking at things.

Become a leader : With LinkedIn, you will be able to grow as a brand and if you become better known you will eventually be the leader in your industry, and you will have your own niche market.

Google helps with Linkedin profiles : for Google , being on this social network means doing things right, and if you’re registered on this social network, Google will look favorably on you, take advantage of it.

Measurement of results : one of the great advantages of LinkedIn is that it allows you to know the results you have had through a series of paradigms such as the number of clicks, number of impressions, amount of participation and interactions, etc.

More Advantages

Having a profile will improve your web traffic : if you are visible on Linkedin it will also have an impact on your website since, by disseminating content there, you will be able to attract new visitors to your page.

Publish quality content : remember that all social networks, and especially Linkedin, are a showcase for all Internet users, so if you publish regularly and with interesting information, your customers will recommend you (which is the primary objective).

Contact your audience: the use of social networks allows you to be in permanent contact with all customers, and that is, if you build trust in them, they will be comfortable and happy and will turn to your brand again when they need it.

You can hire: this is a social network for companies, so you can get in touch with future professionals from your company, you can check their profiles, their work experiences and you can contact them.

You can earn money: yes, this is true, and it is that you can use LinkedIn to find potential investors because there are more than three million startup professionals and more than 12 million small business professionals.

Disadvantages of this social network

There may be the option that some user says a defamation about your company , and that this spreads quickly throughout the network .

By registering, you make  your data public on this platform in a matter of minutes.

The social network  has the data of millions of users , so it can be the case of identity theft.

Your Linkedin page is a showcase of your business

Linkedin is a digital showcase for your business , so you should take advantage of this platform to show all the products and services you offer to customers.

Use all this potential transformed into information to deal with all your customers and teach everything you know how to do best and explain why they should follow you with arguments. 

In addition, you can link your website with this social network and generate traffic on your website.

In all these ways, you will be able to retain your customers , and so when you change products, services or anything else they will follow you.

These elements should occupy a relevant place:

  • Your profile.
  • Your experience.
  • Where are you?
  • your products.
  • Your services.

Finally, you should not forget that the ideal is that in your description you include keywords that describe your business, experience and information about the sector in which you work .

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