How To Create a Good Profile On LinkedIn?

How To Create a Good Profile On LinkedIn?

When looking for new employees, many companies no longer use only ordinary portals for advertising vacancies but also social networks that connect professionals. The most famous professional network is LinkedIn, which connects employers and potential employees worldwide.

You can register on LinkedIn when you are actively looking for a job, and anytime you want to connect with professionals in your field. Many recruiters are looking for new employees through LinkedIn.

Therefore it is advisable to have a profile filled out as thoroughly as possible so that they can offer you new job opportunities and thus expand your application possibilities.

What interests a recruiter?

If you attract the right recruiter, a well-filled profile can land you your dream job. But what are recruiters looking for on LinkedIn? Most HR professionals focus on employees’ specific skills or experience or experience in a specific company. Given that the positions offered are often international, HR professionals are also interested in your language skills.

Many recruiters also focus on your experience in the projects you have worked on. You can also add a specific project or publication of which you are the author to your LinkedIn profile.

Correct profile photo

Do not forget to set a suitable photo on your profile when registering. Like in the real world, a good profile photo makes a good first impression on LinkedIn. You should wash a representative photo in good quality. It shouldn’t be a selfie. The photo should also be a portrait of you without other people. It is also not advisable to choose a photo that is too old as a profile photo.

Summarize the most important

The Summary section briefly presents the essential information about you to HR. They can quickly and easily find out how you got your experience, what specific skills or knowledge you have, or what position you are interested in. You can also write more about yourself and your favourite activities.

This is your brief but concise and persuasive presentation. It should summarize something about you as well as your career preferences. Write the text in a structured way, and do not use empty phrases.

Focus on your specific experiences

When filling out your profile, in addition to the positions you have worked or are currently working on, pay close attention to the experience you have gained in these positions. Each job position is specific, so it is essential to clarify to the HR staff what the position entailed, what problems you encountered and what you solved. Describe everything you have real experience with.

Build a network of contacts

In the LinkedIn network, similarly to social networks, you can build a network of your contacts. It can be your classmates, friends or former colleagues. However, you can add users with similar interests or from the same industry to your contacts.

On LinkedIn, you can gradually build an interesting professional network of contacts from your industry. You can also share interesting content that people in your industry might be interested in—for example, various articles, conferences, or other events. You can also get positive references and build an attractive online reputation. Positive references sway many employers.

Also, mention your extracurricular activities

You can also mention your interests or hobbies in your free time, but HR professionals will also appreciate your volunteer activities. However, your private activities should not be given more space than work ones.

Pay attention to grammar

It may seem like a banality, but even correct written expression can affect your chance of a good job position. If you have a problem with spelling, you can ask a friend to check your profile.

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