What Is The Apple Developer Enterprise Program?

What Is The Apple Developer Enterprise Program?

This year we received many inquiries about the difference between the traditional Apple Developer Program membership and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Next, we will describe the main characteristics of differentiation between the two:

As described on its website, the Apple Developer Program is aimed at companies or corporations that wish to publish applications that their work team will use in the organization.

Why opt for it and not a definitive account?

Unlike Google, Apple manually reviews the apps we submit to the App Store. This year, we have received several reports of applications observed when published in the App Store for being considered business applications. 

Thus, if you have an application for your employees and want to publish it in the App Store, Apple can observe its publication, and, in the worst case, you may need to subscribe to the business account.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the subscription is $. $299.00 annually. The subscription process is similar to registering a regular business developer account (If you need to learn how to see this post ).

It is a fundamental requirement that the applications you want to publish are oriented to the internal development of your organization’s activities and for your collaborators.

What benefits does this subscription bring me?

As per Apple’s website details, we have the following:

  • Deploy and distribute applications within the organization.
  • Sign Mac applications.
  • Software and tools, including beta versions of macOS, iOS, etc.
  • Includes consultation up to twice a year with Apple technical support.

You can find more information on the Apple Enterprise Program website.

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