License Types In The Apple Developer Program

License Types In The Apple Developer Program

Licenses are essential when you are in the field of software development. For example, there are different types of rights in the Apple Developer Program (Apple developer Program) to be able to publish our applications in the App Store. Each of these licenses varies depending on the type of organization and the applications’ purpose.

This blog post will explain a little more about the details of each license type, its requirements, and more. Keep reading!

Licenses for independent developers (Enrolling as an Individual)

This license is aimed at natural persons who act as independent developers. It is the most accessible license to process since it is only necessary to have a valid Apple ID and pay $99 (yearly). The approval of the Individual support has a term of between 24 to 48 hours from the time the payment is approved.

Licensing for Organizations (Enrolling as an Organization)

Organization licenses cover the following permits:

  • Nonprofit Organization Licenses
  • Licenses for accredited educational institutions.
  • Licenses for companies.
  • Licenses for the government (Ministries, municipalities, regional governments, etc.)

For the licenses of nonprofit organizations, accredited educational institutions, and companies, they must be:

  • Entities legally constituted in the country with an authorized tax identification number (For example, RUC in the case of Peru). Fictitious businesses, trade names, or branches are not accepted.
  • Have a DUNS® Number, which allows the company to be identified internationally. The processing of DUNS® numbers is accessible in almost all countries (in Peru, it is free) and can be processed directly from the following form: DUNS® Apple Form.
  • Power to sign legal agreements with Apple:   The person in charge of carrying out the process must have sufficient legal authority to sign contracts. This person will be the one who will carry out the process throughout the process before Apple.

The requirements mentioned above are considered for government entity licenses (ministries, municipalities, etc.) except for the DUNS® number. 

The cost of the licenses is $99 per year for the publication of the applications in the App Store. The process usually takes more than seven days because the information requested is more significant. 

Is it possible to exempt me from the payment of the annual membership?

Yes, it is possible, but it is only applicable to Nonprofit Organizations, accredited educational institutions, and government entities of any of the following countries (so far): Brazil, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, United States. This exemption only applies if the entities of the countries mentioned above distribute free applications 

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