Save your online business. Claim your business on Google

Save your online business. Claim your business on Google

Add or claim a business in Google My Business

Have you created a Google account for your business but need help accessing it? Claim your business on Google. It works, and within 30 days, you will solve the whole problem to your benefit. Attention, however, such an option is only sometimes available. In this case, contact Google support or an agency with a Google Partner certificate.

Lost access to the profile

A Google My Business account allows you to present your business online freely. We encounter the fact that companies have such a profile but need help getting into it. Either the profile was created by an employee who no longer works there, someone outside the company created the profile, or the profile was not used for a long time, and the password was “forgotten”. Nothing serious is happening. Google thought of such cases as well. Claim your business.

How to claim a business in Google Business Manager?

Open the Google Maps browser on your computer or the Google Maps application on your smartphone. Search for your company by name. Attention, several companies with almost identical names may appear, so choose the right one carefully. Go to your business profile and click CLAIM THIS BUSINESS – I own or manage this business. Then choose the verification option and follow the entire procedure that Google offers.

We have a profile but need to learn how to manage it

Has someone created and verified your Google My Business profile, and you can’t access it? Try it through the current profile owner. Look in the company profile for the links. Claim a business, or Do you own this business? If you don’t see them, you are most likely already the owner of this profile. You should see the badge. You manage this company profile in your profile.

  • Google offers two options if you want to claim ownership of a business profile.
  • Click on the link and enter your company’s exact name and address. Choose the right one in the results.
  • Find your business via Google Maps and click Claim this business in your business profile.
  • Click Continue
  • You will see a message that someone else has already verified your profile before you. If you are authorized to manage the profile, ask its current owner to take ownership.
  • Click on Request access and fill out the form
  • Submit

After submitting the form, the profile owner has three days to respond. You can check the status of your application in My Company on Google or directly click on the link in the confirmation email.

If the current profile owner approves your request, you will gain access to the profile. You will receive a notification by email, and you can then manage your profile.

You will also receive a notification if the profile owner rejects your request. However, you can appeal against this decision.

I was waiting for someone to answer my email even after three days

Nothing is happening yet. Try to claim your company profile. Go back to your email inbox, and look for the email you received after submitting the ownership request. Search for your application and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the verification.

The second option is to log in to the Google My Business service and look for the Claim or Verify button in the main panel. However, Google warns that claiming a profile may only sometimes be available.

Has the company been verified on Google? Google will send a verification code by mail

Verify if you already have a Google profile for your business or have claimed it. In most cases, Google will send you a verification code, which you will enter into your profile. However, it would be best if you arm yourself with patience. As a rule, it takes 14 days, but it is not a rule. However, the shipment must arrive within 30 days because the code will expire. Therefore, keep an eye on your mailbox and open the envelopes promptly during the period after sending the verification request.

After verification, you will be the owner and can make changes

Company verification guarantees that you will be the profile owner and that all the information in the profile is correct. You also have access to various modifications – from the company’s name to change the opening hours or phone number. We wrote about profile options in Google My Business in our older blog. It may take several weeks for Google to see your information.

Company verification in three ways. Preferably by mail

Google offers three options for company verification, and most companies only have mail verification available. However, you can also find the option via phone or email in the profile. If you have such an option, use it. It’s faster than mail verification.

To make verification by mail as quickly as possible, check that your address complies with Google’s instructions for entering an address, and also write the name of the person to whom the mail should be delivered.

Subsequently, Google will send you a unique verification code for your company to the specified address. To confirm the location – address where your company is located, you must enter this code.

Refrain from doing anything, editing or making any changes to your profile while waiting for the code. Do not ask for a new code under any circumstances.

I received the code. What next?

Prepare the code in the shipment and log in to Google My Business. Verify your profile – enter the verification code. After verification, you can add admins and profile owners. You can also transfer ownership of your profile to a third party. Keep the code safe.

Beware of fake phone calls

Google will not contact you to ask for a verification code.

Do you find communication with Google complicated? We will help you get your profile back

Thanks to our certificates from Google, we are their partner and have quality support available.

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