How Do We Know Our Strategy Isn’t Working?

How Do We Know Our Strategy Isn’t Working?

There can be several indicators that the marketing strategy needs to be fixed. However, among the most important ones is failure to fulfill long-term goals, failure to fulfill the company’s mission or failure to approach the vision. How do you detect them in time and get a dysfunctional strategy back on track? 

Reasons For A Non-Working Strategy

If we look at why the strategy is not working for us, the answers can be countless. However, similar denominators are mostly repeated. We don’t stick to the strategy, we deviate from it, so it will no longer work as we had set it. We understand that many of us want to try new trends, procedures, and tactics, but it is necessary to stick to a long-term marketing strategy even with them. Some trends are not meant for our business, and their implementation wastes time, resources, and, in many cases, finances. These attempts also cause the deviation mentioned above from the strategy.

How To Get Out Of The Vicious Circle?

You have already taken the first step – it is the realization that something is not working. However, in this step, do not try to mobilize all the forces and do everything at once so that something works and the result comes. Treat yourself to a larger view, approach the given situation and start analyzing. “Pull out” your marketing strategy and go step by step to find out where you went wrong and where you deviated from it.

Has your environment changed significantly, and does this change fundamentally affect your marketing strategy? Did you stick to the set 4Ps (product, price, communication, distribution), or did you choose a different direction already in this step? There can be a whole range of questions and answers, but to decode the right answer, you must go through the business marketing strategy. It is a complex issue set for 3-5 years and revised in the annual business plan. It is almost impossible to set it incorrectly. It is not based on a one-time activity, goal, result, or short period.

Asking For Help Is Not A Weakness

However, if you are going through a marketing strategy and still cannot find a “stumbling block,” an outside view can be very helpful. A company, a consultant who will look at your situation with a disinterested professional eye and not only help you discover the problem but also set a solution. Experts have experience in this area, and complex analysis and solution preparation will take less time. You can focus on your business and its progress at that time. Simply what is your strong point, and what makes you unique? And don’t forget, asking for help is not a weakness, quite the opposite. Only a mature entrepreneur knows he can manage everything with others.

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