What is WordPress? How Does It Work? Advantages Of Using WordPress

What is WordPress? How Does It Work? Advantages Of Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the Internet

Since its launch in 2003, this system has become the CMS par excellence, and more than 40% of websites worldwide are made with WordPress.

But what exactly is WordPress, and what does it work for? In this post, we will tell you everything about it.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is software used to create and manage websites. It allows users to build types of websites such as blogs, online stores, and business websites.

While there are applications available, WordPress is known for being free and open source. This is made possible by the WordPress Foundation, a profit organization established by its founder, Matt Mulleng. The community of volunteer developers ensures the software’s development and maintenance.

What Is It For?

One of WordPress’s main benefits is that it allows you to create a website from scratch and its content visually and simply without resorting to programming.

In the past, web pages had to be coded in HTML, which made content creation monotonous, limited, and inefficient. As a result, CMS was born, and with it, WordPress.

How Does It Work?

To get started with WordPress, you need hosting and a domain. Once you have these setup, you can easily install WordPress on your hosting server under your domain name.

After installation, you can customize your website by setting up its URL, title, description, and more. Additionally, you can enhance your site functionality by installing plugins. In the Appearances section of WordPress, you can choose a design from the theme repository.

If you’re looking to craft content, navigate to the menu, where you’ll discover the options for Posts and Pages. These allow you to generate fixed content and various sections on your website, such as a blog, contact information, about us page, and more.

What If… Do I Need Help?

Starting to create a new website is a task that requires commitment and dedication to faithfully recreate the idea of ​​the page that is in our minds.

For the most inexperienced, it is always an extra effort to start this adventure from scratch, and the most normal thing is that doubts may arise that the operation of a specific tool is not understood and that the user wants to have more advanced and complex notions about it. WordPress.

In these cases, the best solution is to contact a professional expert and follow their instructions. The WordPress blog is the most helpful tool for guiding us through the exciting world of WordPress and website creation.

Advantages Of Using WordPress

The topics: WordPress offers a wide range of free themes that allow you to change the appearance of your website with just one click, giving it a look you prefer at all times.

The plugins: Thanks to them, the system’s capacity is extended with utilities ranging from sharing on social networks to creating widgets to improving site performance. WordPress offers thousands of free plugins.

The simplicity: Our system’s backend is so simple that, once learned, it will allow us to create the basis of a web page in about 30 minutes.

Gratuity: WordPress has a large community that works every day to offer a quality and free CMS.

You have already learned a little about WordPress, how it works, and its advantages when creating a website.

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